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Hiya im pamm and i may be in the wrong page but i stopped smokin on monday the 12th of november 2007 iv went cold turkey and im still ocasionally around people who smoke which makes it harder i thought it was going to be harder than it is but im now at the stage where im struggling my b/f has been a great help lots of encouragement but still i want one but i dont if you get what i mean so im here for some help and advice

thanks pamm xx

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Hiya Pamm and welcome - congrats on making the best decision of your life!! So you're on day 6 actually - it's an amazing achievement and you should be seriously proud of yourself :)

I too quit cold turkey as I needed to be absolutely smoke/nicotine free as fast as possible in order to convince myself I was able to stay quit, it was just a mind thing of course, but to each their own - and so far so good :D

It's a done deal Pamm, you did everything that needed to be done in order to become a non-smoker, no other steps required, just allow yourself to fully enjoy life as something new that you have the privilege to experience from a completely different and exciting and new point of view :) And should a craving come you don't panic - it does go away in just a few minutes and you feel so proud and happy for resisting. Besides hey it's fab that your bf is so supporting :D


hiya thanks for replyin i do feel proud and my b/f gave up smokin a few months ago and has been naggin at me for gaes to stop but i was never ready until i told him i will stop when im ready i knew i wanted to but i just wasnt ready at that time :D

but now i have im nearly there and the cravins do really get to me sometimes like today when me and my b/f had a bit of a fight i just wanted one so bad got my jacket on and shoes to go to the shop then stopped n said to myself "NO" you dont need it ill end up back where i was last week but hey i did it and im proud and thanks for the support xx


Hello and welcome Pam...I tried to give up along with my hubby in may of last year but after a few weeks I gave in..The taste, nausea and dizziness of that first ciggy was horrendous I felt quite ill, cant remember it being like that when I first started smoking all those years ago..It has taken me until oct of this year to give it another try and let me say the thought of having that first ciggy along with the nausea and dizziness is helping to keep me off the dreaded things...It is also great to have found this site just keep popping on here Pam it really does help to see you are not alone.

Good Luck.........behappy xx


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