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just a thought


hi people

everyone who has read my posts in the last couple of weeks will know how close i came to becoming a full smoker because i became smug with the idea of no smoking for 107 days ( ish ) it would be ok for me to have the odd ciggie.


trust me when i say that one ciggie made me want another and day by day it increased.

so i screamed for help on this forum and was given plain truth which helped me over this... YOU CANNOT BE A SOCIAL SMOKER.

one ciggie will get you back to the pack.

so i sat down and asked myself why after all this time why do i want to smoke and my answer was habit not addition.

you no the old saying.... the battle is only as big as you make it.

well i made the cravings seem huge so i caved in again and again.

so i resigned myself to the fact that i will have to start at the beginning of giving up smoking all over again and start my nicotine withdrawal systems all over again.

but an amazing thing happened....


as soon as i said to my self its just an old habit you dont need it then the craving had no hold on me at all.

in fact gone days without a smoke ... no patches because i went cold turkey and hand on heart the ciggies did not draw me back ( but it was close ).

so many thanks for the blunt talking you all gave me because i was looking for an excuse to smoke and you people would not give it to me so again many thanks xxx


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wow tim, thanks to you for sharing this with us. Experiences and reasonings like yours are the things I want/need to keep focusing on - so inspirational to me, so enlightening, so very helpful. Kudos to you for for asking for help, for being incredibly strong, for not giving in, for seeking the right state of mind to resist the urge and for sticking to the best decision of your life xxx

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