No Smoking Day
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Hanging in there!

Still around but finding it increasingly difficult. If I think of myself with a cig, it comes with a bid red cross in front and I think of the shame and guilt I'd feel buying a pack from the shop.

The Washington Post mega puzzle takes my mind off it by helping me to concentrate on something else.

How are others doing. Linda - how are you getting along?

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I know exactly how toy feel linlin, because at this moment in time the only thing stopping me leaving this house and going to the shops, is thinking to myself, thats a christmas present you could buy for the kids, you would be smoking the kids christmas presents.

Its working, so far, but I am craving badly at the moment.



Hi Linlin,

I am just about coming up to the end of Day 1 and am a very happy person. I gave up in June for 21 days and have had numerous attempts at quitting since ( all of which didn't get past the first 2 hours... :eek: ).

I don't really want to give up so it isn't the cravings that concern me... It's me that concerns me...

It might not feel like it now but believe me when I say you are doing the right thing by giving up, I have had plenty of failed attempts and there is nothing worse than the thought of starting over again.

No-one wants to re-schedule another quit date (That horrible day 1), hopefully thats enough motivation for anyone no fight the cravings.


Hi Linlin

I am ok so far day 7 for me just take it hour by hour if you must we are all here for you


Fantastic support - thanks everyone. Hope Linda, Charlene and GavVikMeg (hope I have all the names, can't concentrate at the mo) are doing well. It's just a major, major, irritation. Does it get better (and if so, when....) or is it something you learn to live with?

Thankfully, I've got a few jobs lined up......painting, attacking some bushes. Makes me feel like a 5 yr old who wants to stamp their foot!!


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