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really struggling

Hi guys its been over a week sine the new quit.

Had two blips where Ive had a quick puff on my mates ciggies, but went back on my NRT coz I knew I couldnt go on like that.

Thing is even with my trusty gum from last time, Im really craving today, I am literally sitting on my own hands and I feel like I a hairs breadth from going to the shops for some fags, I just need one so bad!

I have a horrendous headache and had an awful row with hubby b4 he went to work so we're not speaking and Im trying to tell myself all my reasons for this quit, but it isnt working.

I know Im an absolute fool if I do it but Im craving sooooo badly I dont know if I care.

Help!!! :(:mad::(:mad:

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Oh honey, I know how you feel and it is aweful! But as people on here keep staying it will get better, and I sure it will, just hang on in there, you are doing so well!

It is so hard to remain positive, when all you want to do is smoke, but I keep thinking if I smoke now, will I feel better? or will it make me feel like rubbish, because I have come so far and would really feel like I had let myself down.

I am sure your hubby understands, christ i havent been nice to anyone for 8 days now and hubby still comes home from work everyday, lol.

Please stay strong remember why your doing it, we are all here for you and you remember you are strong and can do it, otherwise you would have gone and brought some fags instead of posting on here.

Very proud of you keep it up xxxx


Oh Charlene!

:eek: Are you in week 2?? That was the week from hell 4 me and to top it off I was PMS!! I just ate & slept most of that week just to get through! hang in there hun it will get better! Scream, throw something, have a tantrum do anything but smoke! It soon shall pass!:cool: Hang in there!


I am now 4 hours into my 2nd week and what I have found so helpful is when I get a craving for a cigarette I (with alot of imagination) take the ink etc from a biro pen and pretend it is a cigarette, dont light it of course!!!! It helps also with the 'hand to mouth' thing.

Hope this helps.

Jen :)


Hi Charlene

Hope your feeling a little better than earlyer let us know babe we have been here before and we know it gets better. Take it hour by hour Linda xxxxxxx



Week 2 is rough because you feel like you deserve some relief and it is not coming fast enough... Stick it out scream, cry whatever. The second week I ate The Earth... indulged in fatty breakfast and lavish lunches I drank myself stupid every night.

It was at the end of week 2 that I came to the forum because I was exasperated and looking for answers as to why I should sfuffer so much after the withdrawal was supposed to be over.

Get through it and it will be a refrence point for your strength for the rest of your quit.


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