If you don't love it

A recovering alcoholic friend of mine used to say "If you don't love it, don't do it". I used to think yeah but its not that easy, we all have to do things we don't want to right?

Now I am beginning to understand what he means. He wasn't advocating walking away from life as we know it, just looking at it differently. Example:

Work - can be tedious or annoying. But, I love taking my kids skating (for example). Work pays for me to take my kids skating. Therefore, I love it!.

Hoovering - dull. But, I love my partner. Me hoovering makes my partner happy, therefore I love it!

Over eating - Great! But, will make me lethargic and unable to play with my kids (which I love doing), therefore NOT loving it, therefore NOT doing it.

Smoking - well, you fill in the blank.

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  • Its a matter of doing things that have a future benefit over instant gratification.

    For example I feel better tomorrow if I go to the gym today but I hate going there..... I feel better today if I eat a steak and drink a bottle of wine in front of the TV.... what to do:confused:

    Cigarettes are the ultimate example especially when quitting... You can feel like I will feel GREAT if I have a cigarette now... But If I suffer temporarily I will feel better for life.

    It really should be a no brainer but sometimes it is hard.

  • Indeed :(

    But we are growing and learning ;)

    I fancy the Steak n Wine now :o

  • I've just had shepherds pie and a cup of coffee if thats any help?!:confused:

  • Just about to have leg of duck.......and some red wine!!

  • U live a charmed life over the water dave! :p

    Im having boring chicken pie and mashed pots! :D

  • Just about to have leg of duck.......and some red wine!!


  • Chicken omlette and brown toast for me. And black tea, which is a new one, not sure how that happened!

  • Wockabass Don't tell it was a chicken of yours either!!!!!:eek:

  • Oh I had pork chops mash n green beans,

    Duck and wine hmmm :)

    Oh I know you guys feel funny about it but to be totally honest, your own birds n animals, that you reared and fed your own! can't be beat!!

    Sounds harsh but if your not a vegetarian as is is Daves wife, you can't beat it!

    My Auntie in Wales has always been a farmer and she loves all her cattle x x they all have names and she'll sit in a field by their side come rain or snow if their birthing or ill. They go on the table or market at the end of the day. She has several dogs n cats at a time too, takes on every stray!! Proper farm house!

  • E. DO you rear your own pigs??!!

  • Nah! those are my kids! lol

  • I had home made sushi rolls. Effing scrummy!!!!

  • Love sushi :) makes I laugh if you go tescos, sign says 'this produce contains no raw fish' :confused:

  • I like the warning on salted peanuts "This product may contain nuts":cool:

  • Or the sign on the motorway at Gretna that says "Don't take drugs and drive" surely it could just say "Don't take drugs" or is it o.k if you're not driving?:confused:

  • So tonight I managed both... the gym and a good dinner... Scallops with Linguini:D

    I think it is important to replace the cigarttes with things that make you feel good or happy... otherwise there is just abscence and it it easier to go back to the evil little sticks that cry out we will make you happy and make you feel better

    Of course they wont but somehow this lesson is hard learned:mad:

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