No Smoking Day

Feeling worse, why???

Not having a good couple of days :(. Was really positive going into the weekend but then went to brothers for a firework party and found out he'd started smoking again (after 3 months smoke-free and taking the Champix) and his neighbour was smoking again (after 6 months smoke-free and taking the Champix), feeling really low now and had non stop cravings since yesterday ... don't know what's going on :confused:. Its like a switch has been flicked and now feeling that constant anxiousness and restlessness like its day 1 again, aaaarggghh, I hate this and why now, its 25 days today :mad:.

Carol x

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Caz I dont know what it is about seeing others go back that is such a trigger but it is.... this is how I went back after my longest quit... almost 6 months. We are on the same timeline. Today will be 4 weeks for me. While the withdrawal and constant cravings have subsided the ongoing sense of discomfort is getting tiresome. I keep trying to remind myself smoking is worse. Also I really need the extra cash right now.


WOW 25 days that is brill. Just remember that is something to be very proud of.

I can imagine how hard the weekend was for you, it is never easy to find out someone has started smoking again, while we are struggling to give up still.

I am sure it will get easier again, just hold on in there xx


It's sure a very powerful trigger so don't be hard on yourself, the mind is still slave to the nic demon so it's easy to fall into the deadly trap of feeling jealous when someone is smoking again. It's like they can have a shiny new toy while you are left in the corner :D But just focus on this thought, first off they are smoking again not because they have freely and happily made the decision to, but because they have failed to stay quit. Simple as that. Secondly, they are jealous of you beyond words, even though they'll never admit it not even under torture. You are SO strong, and determined! You should be all the more proud of yourself ;)


Hi Caz

IT is really hard to see others give in. on my last quit in all four people I started with give in I was the only one left. I done 6 months and like a bloody fool here I am again back to thinking about them all day. All the people are sorry they started again thats way we all try again dont put your self though the first week its really not worth it Linda xxxxxxxx


A really really big thank you

Thanks sooooo much for the support everyone, it really means a lot!! Anyway you'll be pleased to know that gave myself a kick up the backside last night and decided was not going to let it get to me, I am STRONG ... well trying to be :o ... anyway all that brainwashing last night must have worked cos feel a lot more positive today, phew that was a horrible few days, but now back on the right track and I will stay warm and dry on Xmas day while they're all shivering on the back step, he he :D:D.

Thanks again all and omg nearly qualify for the 2 MONTH ROOM now, never ever thought I'd get this far, sooooooo proud :)

Carol x


what a bloody star you are mate

well done

I have wanted to be smoke free for some Christmases now, it means a lot to me, and it looks like this one might be the one, lets do it together :D

Oh!! me too x x x x

I usually quit Jan 1st resolutions and all that but am back on it by the winter :o

This year I am sooooooo determined to have my 1st, smoke free christmas! x x


Please Dont Give In

Hi Im New To The Forum, I Have Quit And Failed Before. But You Realy Do Learn From Your Mistakes, You Are Still Winning The Battle Its Just A Hard Day, They Come But They Also Go Like All Things, Try To Remember Why This War Began, There Are No Good Reasons To Surrender Now , Know We Are Willing You On, Good Luck Stay Strong X.


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