No Smoking Day

Made it to 4 months!

Hi everybody!

Just reporting in as it has officially been 4 months today since I quit smoking and 2 months since I had any NRT.

I'm not sure, but this could be a new record for me!

I still don't think I'm out of the woods yet though!

Had a close call about 3 weeks ago which my mum helped me with but worry if it happens again and I'm on my own.

I will openly admit that I still enjoy the smell of smoke and do occasionly think about how it felt taking a drag on a cigarette. But if I didn't enjoy it, it would be easy to give up then!

My reasons have changed abit since I originally gave up back in July and because of that I am more determind than ever to never let cigarettes win!

Cold weather has definetley set in now and working in the pub last night, it was pathetic to watch the smokers spending 5 minutes wrapping up to go outside then spend another couple minutes after taking all their layers off.

Congratulations those who are joining me on the 4 month mark!

Boudee, Shellfish, Smokeless_in_Canada, Dave & Allyson. Sorry if I've missed out anyone else!

But also congrates to everyone on the forum no matter how far into your quit! YOU'RE DOING GREAT!:D

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Ah good for you Barney!!

Am as pleased as punch to see you here x x x x x

I use to do bar work loved it!! miss it loads :(

~Buffy x x

Reply Hi Barney

So very pleased your doing so well. Have missed you all lots the passed month and glad to be back and see the same peeps on. Keep strong Barney your a star Love Linda xxxx


I know its late but congrats to you Barney, I only wish that I could be at the same point as you, but this time Im determind to get there, so save me a seat in the 6 months room will ya?



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