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No Smoking Day
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14 days

a few more hours and i get to jump to the week 3 forums and save loads more money money money i love money.

hope your all doing well with your stop smoking pledge.

had a right b of a day today started at 6.45 and managed to have my breakfast at midday and things just got more hectic from then until about 6pm but i didnt feel like a ciggy all day weeeeeeeee,but fancy a a drink to relax but cant got to give some blood tomorrow and doc said not allowed.never mind time to chill with a cup of tea (yuck happy shopper teabags wife buys)

well thats my intresting day cant wait to move up to the next forum


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U made it through the week from hell! :eek: Well at least it was for me. I am doing so much better now except coughing alot when I'm outside breathing cool fresh air. I think my lungs r in shock!:D

Day 31~~~YES!!!:cool:


Hoot sound like your doing good... making through a bad day at work is always rough.

Money is good:D Somehow I am still broke though I think i may have over-rewarded myself.

Enjoy the tea;)


Wow hoot congrats!! I was away from the forum for a few days it's wonderful to come back and see familiar names going strong - you are doing just fine pal, it can only get better ;)


Well done hoot and good on you for giving blood!!

Am so glad you stuck by here x

I can't give blood cos of my thyroid otherwise I would x

Long and short I got a glass of vino after a long night trick or treating hehe :p

Enjoy your tea ;)


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