No Smoking Day

Im so sorry

I've gone and got a pack of ten and smoked one :(

I got so stressed out :(

I feel so down and depressed and i'm about to burst into tears as i'm writing this

Do i start day one again or see it as a little blip?

I didnt even enjoy it, i hated it, i feel sick now :(

I just hate this f**king place, it's getting me down, he's getting me down, i have no one to talk to here about him, it's just me and him and the bottom line is i need the money

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Glad you realised the non help of smoking :rolleyes: blip never mind onwards and upwards x x x x x x x

I think you should cry at him, he's a pig to make you feel like this x x

Do you need the money that bad?

Otherwise go and have a boo hoo in the bogs x x

I'm sorry it's crappy at the moment definitely time for a change x x

~Buffy x x


Hey Louise~

Don't be so hard on yourself! Consider yourself lucky that's all u did was smoke if things are that bad! I wouls just count it as a blip and go on! I'm glad u thought it was disgusting vs. enjoying it! :D I would destroy the other 9 smokes!


I don't log on very often now. But having just read your post, I thought I must. You need as much support as you can, if you have an evil boss.

Cry as much as you want, its loads better then those other 9 evil sticks in the box. But the 1 you had is a definately blip.

Once you claimed down, use your boss's time, to start searching a for a new job. He sounds like he deserves to loss you.


I'm looking into a new job - thing is i've only been at this one for 8 months, been my first secretarial role and im worried it would look bad to other companies

Think i need to excuse myself for second xxx


I don't think it will x x x x personality clashes do happen x x x x

Keeping yourself in an unhappy position is terrible for you x x



Thanks everyone

i still feel pretty down but went to the loos and had a little cry, i've just so had enough of it here.

I think i just need to find a way to channel my stress but i really dont know how to.

Cig's have gone, gave em to some kids in the school lol no kidding, i put them under the tap


Sorry this is a little late louise but I have been at work and not had much chance to get on here. Glad to see you are treating this as a 'blip' and can get right back on the horse. Good on you for drowning the other 9. Your Boss is a dick but smoking isn't gonna change that is it!!

Remember "no use crying over spilt milk"(unless youre a cat ,that is) Stay strong sweetie.


Louise.... Dont give up.... and dont give into the temptation of that pack....e specially dont think that becaues you had one you may as well smoke the rest... I have dont that TOO MANY TIMES

I have a little jerk of a boss too. He makes me want to strangle him every time I see his pompous face.... I will be damned if that little turd is going to be the reason I start smoking again. DONT LET HIM WIN

It is so hard but really if you go back to smoking because of an annoying boss you are just giving him too much power. I feel your pain though. Step away punch someting... scream whatever...


How are you?????

Are you hanging in there? Is the boss still alive? He He!:D I hope u found something to bide your time. Just don't kill the a**hole, prison will be much harder! LOL


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