No Smoking Day

Been a while, congrats to all tho

Been a while since i came on here, been trying not to look up how much i have saved and how long i have not smoked for so its a nicer surprise when i do:D. A big WOW to us all still here. The downside that has been getting me down is the fact the weight has piled on, i'm not eating any more than i did b4 but its a whole stone so far and looking like more to come... eek, is this normal and does it stop over some time period? would be grateful for any coments.

Cazzy x

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Hi Cazzy

Well done getting this far. :)

We have also put a good few pounds on:eek:

Not going to worry about this until the new year.

Then will emabark on a good diet plus plenty of exercise.

Need to fully crack the nicotine before dieting. One thing at a time.:D

Good luck.:D


yep yep ...... def put on a few pounds, and have loads more in my purse :D


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