No Smoking Day

3 Weeks

This evening it is 3 week anniversary of my last cigarette:D

Truthfully I did not expect to make it this far.

I have tried and failed so many times. This time I quit because I had a really nasty bronchial cough that I couldn't shake.... I really only thought I would give em up for a few days til I feel better but so far I have stuck to it.

Today was a pretty good day felt good lots of enegy etc. My quitters cough has largely gone away. I still get moments of RAGE but feel less depressed.

Just want to thank all of you on this forum for whatever reason it helps to get some of my thought on smoking out and to hear other peoples stories.

I have given up telling my friends/family I am quitting because they dont take me seriously anymore. Cant discuss it at work really either.

Also I dont think that anyone who has been a Smoker can really understand exactly how difficult it really is because there are no real visible signs of withdrawal.

I know how much more quitting I have ahead of me but 3 weeks feels like a step in the right direction

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Congratulations Kenzo *mwah*

I know what you mean, other people seem to pat me on the back for a week or so then thats it, no fault to them, they just accept the new non smoker!!

It's only when your in it together do you feel it more so. That's the great thing here, we all understand it and struggle and glide together.

Keep it up :D

~Buffy x x


Well done Kenzo for getting to 3 weeks yesterday, I'm a few days behind you (day 19) so looking to you for inspiration, its so great isn't it not having to go out in the cold and rain for a smoke and knowing that you're back in the driving seat of your new smokefree life.

I know what you mean about the non smokers, most of my work colleagues are non smokers who pestered the living daylights out of me to quit, saying how bad it was etc. etc. but after a couple of weeks of congrats etc. now they've completely forgotten what I'm going through, so I say a very BIG thank you to this very special forum which has helped so many kick the evil habit and the many friendly and helpful peeps who keep you going thru the bad times :).

Congratulations :D:D:D

Carol x


thanks for the kind words all

This morning was a bad one... my brother, a constant worry and excuse to smoke, dropped more BS on me, had a dreadful commute to a long early meeting with boss I HATE:mad: Sort of day that I would have smoked a pack by lunch... so while I was edgy and grumpy more or less I think I wanted cigarettes less than I would have when smoking. A few major craves but mostly got through it. If I think about how excruciating the all morning meeting would have been while a smoker and not being able to escape for even a puff I realize I am better off.


Well done kenzo!

It will be a month before ya know it! :D Give yourself a huge pat on the back, and go buy yourself a big reward!!:cool:


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