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No Smoking Day
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1st attempt @ quitting

Evening all.

Im a new member on this forum.

This is my 1st attempt at quitting smoking i stopped at 10-30am on Monday gone 21/10/2007 well to be 100% truthful i have smoked 2 cigarettes in that time one at 12-10am and one at 2-30pm today.I was smoking 20/25 per day so it is a vast improvement down to 1 per day.Im using Nicorette tablets i think they are called the ones you put under your tongue and let dissolve.

Im also going to join one of these no smoking clinics.

Hi to everyone and good luck.

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WELCOME MICHAEL congratulations on the best decision you'll ever make. How long have you smoked? No smoking clinics are an excellent source of help. I go the GP (only cos the champix is prescription only) but the local pharmacy have a smoking clinic too.(they sort out patches,gum,microtabs etc) Stay close to the boards and good luck matey!¬!


welcome to the club

hope you stop smoking im on day 6 and feel alive.

just 1 tip i can give you is it only took 1 ciggy to get you hooked so if you can stop all ciggys it will help but all peeps are diffrent so what helps you the most go for it


Hello Kazza

Thanks for your reply

I have smoked for approximately 30 years.


Welcome on board michael x x x x

Grats on the quit and smoking cessation will help no end!!

Those 2 cigs?! put them down to a blip and wipe your hands of them x x

Onwards and upwards!!

Tomorrow will be a new and smoke free day ;) x x

Find something to do when it gets hard, maybe a puzzle or a book or go for a walk x x

Right behind you x x

Stay strong

~Buffy x x


Hi again Michael

I must again congratulate you on quitting after 30 years. I smked for 25 yrs. (I'm 42) and I thought THAT was a long time.But Iam on Day 2o now (after numerous attempts,mind you ,) but I think that the older we become the more we dtest cigs and smoking (if you understand what I mean) Its like we have lived long enough to appreciate that there IS a life to enjoy without a cig and we want to experience it first hand. You Can do this Michael.


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