I Have Failed

Well i have failed big time,i was doing so well too i would of been coming up to my third week.But on saturday i lit one up and that was it.I blame my nurse really for putting my patches down to a lower strengh only after week 2,well she said its cos im pregnant and it will be better for the baby.The lower patches were not helping i wanted a fag all the time so i did:mad: The fags i am smoking are only 1mg and that is a big step down to what i was smoking,my partner says its like smoking fresh air with these fags,but its better than smoking 11mg like i was before and i am going to try and stop again but when i dont know:(

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  • silly silly woman!


    what a silly nurse, as Boudee said above surely a patch is better than a bloody cig! Stupid ppl! (Apologies but ppl who work in healthcare and are horrid and stupid like that annoy me!)

    But do not fear! Good thing is you can dust yourself down and start again. As they say "tomorrow's another day"

    Although with baba on way try to do so asap

    Hope you're ok and i hope to see you around here again soon telling us you've started again xxxx

  • Aw teresa x x sorry about silly nursey!!

    I smoked through all of my pregnancies, It felt awful but I did.

    I did cut back but I really wish I had quit.

    My last born was a c-section, I was outside the building about 6 hours later catheter bag under my robe smoking >_<

    I went to a friends house in february she had a baby, she smokes, when I picked him up I could smell the smoke on him! even though they smoke away from him!

    Not nice at all to be so little and smell like that.

    Please try again before baba is born!

    Try a chemist nurse x x

    ~Buffy x x

  • stupid nurse!!!!

    i feel so sorry for you - i gave up smoking when i was pregnant only for the first 14 weeks due to feeling sick all the time but believe me the first day i did not feel nauseous any more i smoked again and did so throughout the pregnancy with guilt feelings etc. i admit i even smoked when breastfeeding and my face is just gone red because i feel so embarrassed about it - if i ever would have known that nrt patches could be given i might have not smoked and i'm still angry with doctors and nurses that they follow only there stupid nhs recommendations and say to desperate pregnant women that they cannot have nicotin patches due to not having enough research data about it - if the gp/nurse does not want to give them to you do you have any chance of buying them yourself????

    please do not give up!!!


    thinking of you


  • Teresa, come on now. It was a slip, you should see it for what it was and stay quit! Sorry to be blunt but light cigarettes are just another lie, they are as harmful and as addictive as regular cigarettes, but work wonders for the guilty conscience that feels so much better about them. Please, yours was just a blip, just get your strength back together as you have already proved you can do this!

  • Just a slip!

    Thank god cigarettes made me deathly ill with my first two pregnancies. They didn't however, with my third. When he gets sick he gets asmatic and I know deep down inside it is from me smoking during my pregnancy. I feel so stupid even going back after 9 months but I did! Please try and get back on track for you and the baby. The stupid things cause all kinds of problems even after the baby is born. (even if you dont smoke around them) My kids always had ear infections and the pediatrician said it was from smoke. I didn't smoke in the house. He told me it could be from my clothes!:eek: I wish you luck on beating this demon!!

    I am working on my 17th day of not smoking!

    Not smoked for: 0Y 2W 2D 1H 56M not smoked: 160 Cigarettes. Saving me £ 43.42. I will now live longer by: 0Y 0W 0D 12H 52M. I Quit on the:. Monday, October 01, 2007 6:00:26 AM. Download This Quitmeter free from stayfagfree.com

  • My youngest son had all the above :(

    No one ever pointed the finger but I felt the guilt!

  • I must say: I am against smoking while pregnant. At this point we are the ones making decisions for our unborn child and they deserve to have a healthy chance. If there is anything that could stop a person from this addiction surely it is their unborn speechless helpless child that is inside of them. Make the right choice, if not for you - for your child! I'm sorry if this offends anyone! My opinion is my opinion and that's all it is.

    Please stop smoking!

  • So sorry you've had a setback. Please stay with us - keep posting even if you're still finding it difficult to lay off the fags. We will be here to support you through this xxx

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