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the last draw

Two days ago I decided I wanted to finally quit smoking after 10 years..I'm pretty damn scared to be honest..I know if I fail its okay..but I don't want to fail...and I don't want to in a way realise that I am seriously addicted to the evil cigarettes..I just hope I can do it..:confused:

The times I keep thinking about that I am going to find most difficult is in my car, after meals and also when I am working nightshift..especially working nightshift because it tends to get a bit boring so I do it to pass the time I suppose..

anyway DAY 1 tomorrow..hopefully I will survive..I have 11 patches to last me 11 we shall see

:o x x

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Hi Fiona! Welcome to the forum and congrats for your decision to quit! This is the perfect site to visit when you are feeling a craving or just because you need something to do to keep you busy or you need people to talk to. Everyone here is very friendly and we are all very happy you have joined us.

Well you already know when the worst times for you will be so that is great news for you. Start planning now what you will do during those times and stick with it. You can read, draw, walk, colour, dance, sing, call a friend, search the net or come and chat here with us. While youare driving just turn up the music and sing. Roll down the window and take in some nice deep breaths of FRESH air. At work you can go for a brief walk in place of the nasty ciggies or re-apply your make-up. Just anything to keep yourself busy during the boring times.

You can do this - I know you can! We are all here for you so feel free to rant and rave about your bad days, but remember the first three days are the hardest and then things get easier :D Keep posting!


Welcome on board Fiona!!

Grats on the decision!

You can do this ;)

Be strong and stay busy :D

~Buffy x x


hi fiona

i also work nights this is day 6 for me .

i start back on nights fri sat sun

dont all laugh but iv'e been and bought some wool ,i'm going to knit some scarfs.

so fiona is there something you could take to work with you just to keep you busy.


I am sending some positive vibes your way. I am sure you can do it.


Good luck Fiona on your quit tomorrow and you're in the best place for support whilst you do it! The best thing I've found is to suck mints in the car (sugar free of course :p) which helps pass the time especially if you're stuck in traffic, in the car is one of my worst times too, singing out of tune with the radio is another of my favourites :D.

I was excited and scared too the day before my quit, but then its an exciting journey into a new smokefree life, somewhere you haven't been for a long time so its bound to be a bit scarey too. Keep strong and think of all the things you'd like to spend your extra monies on.

Carol x


Thanks guys :) thats really cool of you all being so nice and stuff..

This is me on day 2 now and I seem to have been coping well..i have became addicted to sugar free polo mints, water and herbal teas and they all seem to be helping...I also made sure to hide all the junkfood and bought healthy stuff so i am not pigging out on crap..

soo heres hoping it stays...just wish my fiancee was a wee bit more supportive but he doesnt really understand what im going through because he doesnt and never has smoked [lucky for some]

first nightshift tonight without a cigarette so hopefully i will survive..on with non-smokers tonight so it shouldnt be too bad

thanks again peeps!!



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