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Ohh i am sorry


I have just lost the plot with the kids. One of them was just really rude with me and run around the garden shouting dont hurt me.:mad: I have never touched him in his life but he could see how far he had pushed and i didnt look happy.

I throw him in his bedroom then hunted out my husbands fags and lit one.

Ohhhhhh god i am so sorry ....................... I have so let myself down and everyone else because you have supported me.

i didnt smoke it i just had 2 puffs then realised what i was doing.

I am so gutted.:( :( :(

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Don`t worry Flippy.

That was good that you didn`t smoke it.

A tiny tiny blip. Thats all it was.

14 days 2morrow for you.

Keep going ,your doing really well.

Barb x

Hi Flippy,

Don't beat yourself up about it honey, it is just a minor blip and you are allowed to have one as long as you learned from it! Next time the kids stress you out try to think of something else that will calm you down. You can't give in now coz the longer you stop for the more determined you will become and the easier it will be to get through stressful situations like today.

Stay strong sweetie and you will get there,

Love Befly xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Well there you go, all that thinking about smoking and when it comes to the crunch?

You didn't want it!!

You have had a lil blip and learned a big lesson,

It aint what it's cracked up to be!! :D

Well done for getting through that!

Nearly two weeks under your belt!!

Well done you should treat yourself you've done soooo well x x

~Buffy xx

Flippy's had a blippy

You had a puff

That was enuff

You realised it was crap

so now you are back on track!!!

Go Flipp:D y!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ahh beautiful Karen :D Flippy will love that!! :D

LOL thanks. I am feeling ok now.

I will be away for a couple of days. We are of to The Hilton Hotel in Birmingham tomorrow. I nice break away from everyday life with just my husband.

Ooooh I say! how the other half live eh ;)

Oh have a great time you lucky girl x x x x

Glad your feeling better,

Love my darling angels n all but a week end away - without them- is priceless!!

Nice to be a couple again x x

~Buffy x x

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