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Day 6....still here! :)


Still going strong on day 6! Feeling very proud of myself at the moment too.

Yesterday was a good one too, apart from the two dizzy spells i had and the feeling of wanting to be sick last night, but me and my mum both agree we don't think it is down to the quitting smoking. Might be something going around or I might have had a sugar overload with the loli's! lol

So looking forward to day 7 and to moving to the 2 week part over the weekend! :D

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There is this bug going round. And excessive sugar may well do it too heheheeh

hey ho day 6!! what a star x x

so saturday you'll be in week 2!!!

You're doing great x x

~Buffy x x

Way to go Louise!!!! You can join me in wk 2 in a day vor so!:D

ps. Patsy Palmer (bianca in Enders) has teamed up with this beauty boffin and they have brought out their own self tan Milk . Apparrently you just rub it into your skin and atan develops in 2hrs. But i think cos you can buy it in 2 shades it means the stuff develops into a specific colour(unlike ecotan which reacts with the melanin contents of your own skin so you dont get a 'false' colour) I ts called 'Palmer-Cutler tanning milk'(how original - NOT!!!!!) and it costs 24 quid as well!!!:eek:

£24! :eek:

Sounds like worth a try I guess, perhaps we can get a free sample and be guinea pigs :D

Louise can go first :D hehehe

Rather go back to Barbados!!! nd with all this money saved from not smoking................:) :) :)

Ahhh yes can't beat a natural tropical tan :D

I don't really tan well :( two ginger parents means i have terribly fair skin and I get prickly heat in 5 mins flat :D mum was dutch so I go a more continental kind of olivey colour if I get anything *sigh*

i paid £25 for one coz Gok Wan recommended it! Now thats nutty lol It's crap!!! I trust not the Gok anymore!!! Well on tanning anyway!!!

I'm considering the Ecotan at the mo, just waiting for a time where if it goes wrong i wont cry coz i'm orange lol

ooo barbados! loooovely, i've just booked Cyprus again! With the money i'm saving i shall have paid it off before xmas! :)


(careful what you say Louise, Kazza is in lurveeee with gok wan ;) )

I suppose I'm lucky. I tan easily. Although my mum has blonde hair, blue eyes,fair skin etc ,my real dad (shes married to my step dad now)is from Burma _so I ended up with very dark brown hair.dark brown eyes and olive skin.

Emma got the best deal though. Although Steve has got dark hair he has pale sknand blue/brown eyes.

Emma ended up with dark hair, blue/green eyes and skin that tans so easily its untrue. As she goes darker and darker her eyes stand out more and she ends upp with a super dupertan and striking green eyes. Really pretty!!!!

Lol i loooove Gok Wan too, just the tan he recommended did not work! lol

Ooooh lovely x x

Lucky girl and proud mummy :D

hahaha i dont need none of that fake tan malarky :D

i tan sooooooooooo easy :D


Right folks gotta go to work now. I've got keys so no books till I get there!

Louise You've redeemed yourself . I forgive you for critiscing the tan my love reccommended.(Bet you didn't apply it right _ so there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rofl! I reckon i was too dark to notice!

Yeah i'm lucky, i do tan easy, just this bloody country dont get the sun!

rofl! I reckon i was too dark to notice!

Yeah i'm lucky, i do tan easy, just this bloody country dont get the sun!

I know it's dead annoying. When are you going back to Cyprus? Do you stay in the same place. I like Tenerife.

Going back next August again, long time to wait but the countdown has begun lol

Yeah staying in same place, Protaras, absolutly loved the hotel too so staying there again too.

I liked Tenerife but has been about 8 years since last went there so i'm guessing it has changed a lot!

I beat you louise! i haven't been to teneriffe in 21 years :D hehe reckon it may of changed a bit too :rolleyes:

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