No Smoking Day

9.00 on day three and feeling it!

I think i'm feeling it more today as this is my first day back at work and in routine.

I'm used to having a fag at the bus stop, berfore i go into the train station, when i get off the train, in my break at work. I'm feeling the cravings today but still hanging in there...just!

Lunch breaks gonna be a tricky one, again used to going out for a smoke, in a way i'm lucky people i work with dont smoke but still hard to break the habit!

Going to stay strong tho! I am going to beat this!!!!

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I think you are doing so well especially as you are going cold turkey. Day 3 is meant to be a hard one.

Thinking of you and sending you good luck vibes.


Thanks flippy, i am really really feeling it today, worse than the previous days! :(

I'm trying so hard not to run to the shop and buy some! I really want to but willpower is winning at the moment.

I'm trying to stay strong but this is getting harder :(


Aww No dont do it. Take every hour at a time. Its nearly 10 so get busy and before you know it will be 11.

Have you thought about using NRT, it does help and there is no shame in it. Its the only thing getting me through.

If you go to your local GP or chemist you can sign up for the 12 week course and the patches are free or only precription cost which is a lot cheaper than smoking.


I've got the inhaleors in my draw here at work, i think it's more the hand to mouth habit i am missing so if the cravings do get that bad i think i might pop out for one.

I've tried using the patches before but coz i have ezcema they irretated my skin, i hated the taste of the gum too :( lol i'm a nightmare!

Other half keeps emailing me with supportive messages so with this site and him i'm getting there xxxx


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