No Smoking Day
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Into day 2!

I'm here! Day 2!

Still getting some really bad cravings to light one up but i''m not going to, i'm working past them so far.

What i am finding annoying is that my mum smokes and she's being no support whatsoever! So i've spent most of my weekend upstairs with my very supportive BF.

Had a bad night last night though, kept waking up sweating. Is this normal?

Lets hope i can get thru to day 3

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hey well done for getting to day two! :D

im on day 2 today too :D

so we can strugle together lol

what method you using?



hey devonshire!

At the moment i'm going cold turkey, my other half took me to a makro yesterday and got me a box full of sugar free lolipops to have when i feel an urge and so far it's working!

Also have a box of inhaltors in work as i think i'm gonna really struggle on my lunch breaks :confused: , can only wait and see tomorow!

How about you? what you using? any tips?


ah that sounds good :D

im doing this attempt cold turkey too and so far so good, no major craves yet.

well im at college tomorrow an all my mates smoke so i think ill be trying some wigleys chewing gum to get me by. :D

keep up the good work



Thanks Boudee!

The sweating is mental at the moment! I'm only tidying up my room and sweating! As i was napping earlier i woke up sweating! But if it's normal i will not worry, i'll just wear more deoderant! lol

Yeah it's very very hard with mum here but i've got a lovely supportive bf who's quitting with me and keeps telling me he's really proud of me! Keeps me going :)


Hi Louise and Welcome,

You are doing really well honey, day 2 is hard and day 3 but I am sure you can get through these few days, then it does start to get easier and before you know it you will have done a whole week.

Keep it up Louise,

Love Befly xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx



he he Mr Louise, loving it :D


Hello Louise x x x x

CONGRATULATIONS!!! 2 days is superb! see you can live through the day without that crap!! :D

Welcome on board x

You are v lucky to have *ahem* Mr Louise as a pillar of support :D

If your mum is not very supportive it is most likely because she doesn't have the notion or strength to follow suit and quit herself.

She probably didn't really think about quitting till you did and now as a nicotine addict (not as your mum) she may not seem very supportive.

stick to your guns mrs lousie ;) and before you know it, you will be the trend setter and many will follow your path!

Keep up the strength and plow the path ahead :D

~Buffy x x


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