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No Smoking Day
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Guess who!!!

Hi Everyone,

Long time no speak... But I am ashamed to say planty of smoking... :(

Well it seems sooooo long ago I managed 21 days cold turkey.

And what with plenty of failed attempts inbetween I am gearing myself up for a no smoking campaign starting from midnight tonight.

Just thought I'd touch base and start posting again in preperation.

What could possibly go wrong... :)

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Hello. I am sending you good luck vibes and I hope that this is yout time to quit.


Hi All,

Well the good news is I have been awake for well over an hour now (Yes I got out of bed at 9 am, which is quite odd for me, normally go to bed at about 1am and get up at 6 to 7am).

Anyhow, getting back on track, I have been awake for over 1 hour, had a shower, shave, breakfast and done some work, and I have managed not to break like I usually do by now :)

So, all in all quite pleased with how things are progressing.


Good luck to you Gav.

I to have failed. We gave up the same time back in june. I lasted for 10-11 weeks but have since been smoking.

I will try again , just need to decide on method.

Hope you do it.

Barb x


Hi Barb,

I cannot believe you went back to the evil weed... I was soooo jealous of you (but also very happy for you) when I folded back in June / July and you carried on so strong...

Hey these things happen though, hope nothing disasterous triggered the relapse.

Anyhow, get back on the no smoking train and we'll do it side by side again, like the good old days :)


hey great to see you back gav.

what method you going for this time?



Hi devonshire_dumplin,

I am going for the old Cold Turkey method again... To be honest I decided last night to have another go at giving up, so not very well planned... But seems to be working...

The Cold Turkey approach works well for me if I avoid tenuous situations... For example, I just walked into the house and my wife and son were having a shouting match, so I just turned around and walked out... Happy Happy Happy thoughts... :D


lol sounds like a good method to me lol, i may join you there :D



I have just worked out that i gave up for exactly 11 weeks. This is the first time i have posted since smoking again.Felt to ashamed.

I dont know what triggered me of to smoke again.

I bought some 4mg lozengers and think i will get some more patches.

Since smoking i have a cough again . no energy and generally feel s*it , reason enough to give up again.

This time Gav i will be a few days behind you.:)

Barb x


Blimey! It's like and old school reunion this morning eh! :p

Welcome back you lot! Good to see you all!:D




hi barney good to see you again too! :D



Hi Barney

Good to see old friends on here.:)

Feels good to hear from everyone.

Barb x


Hi Barb,

Well I've had enough already and am now going to get some smokes.

I think it would be good for us to give up together at the same time. What do you think? I haven't had a quit partner before? But apparently it helps... :)

If you're up for it, just let me know when you are planning on giving up and i'll join you.

And you should never feel ashamed of having a relapse and returning to smoking... If it was that easy to give up then there wouldn't be any smokers and we wouldn't be having this conversation... :D


LOL I just had one. I think we should give up together , now the hard bit-WHAT DAY IS GOING TO BE OUR QUIT DATE.I have to get myself geared up for it.I will get some patches on Tuesday so anyday after that.OH MY GOD are we ready for this.:eek: YES we can do this Gav.

Barb x


Hi Barb,

Well the way I look at it is we done sooooo well last time (the best ever quit attempt for me) its the perfect plan, it'll work a peach.

Well in my opinion there is no point putting off the inevitable... So if you are going to have all your patches and bits Tuesday, should we have our last smoke Tuesday by midnight. So Wednesday would be our first day!!!!

What do you think? I am happy to fit in with your master plan... :D


Hi Gav




If you enjoy music and want me to put some Youtube on for you on the General thread (YOUTube) then let me know - or pop it on yourself. Music sure is good for getting your spiritis lifted and feeling positive.

Well done!!



Tuesday midnight it is then.Right, best go and smoke myself stupid then.

Just realised that we gave up on the 10th june and at 1 minute past midnight it will be 10th oct exactly 4months since last quit.

Barb x


Hi Boudee and Poppyfairy

Lovely to hear from old mates. This is really helping me for my quit on Tuesday. I feel quite lifted and excited talking to old friends on here.

Thanks to everyone.

Barb x

Ps Where`s Buffy.


Oh Shucks!!

Never mind the thought was there. I'll post again when he goes for day one!!

Maybe the thought of us all runnin behind him like strapping American Footballers will be enough to make him chuck the pack!!

Have a good day anyways Gav - You can do it!!



Dear Barb

Hello Flowerhttp://img118.exs.cx/img118/6348/u2efine.gif

We'll be cheering you and Gav on on Tuesday - I have now got the date right!!!

You are a strong lady - you can do this!!http://www.cosgan.de/images/smilie/sportlich/d010.gif



Hi Everyone,

Tuesday is the last day smoking then... Looks like me and Barb are going for it... And to be honest with you all its probably better starting the no smoking life on Wednesday as its the 10th of October... Ohhhhh... 10th of the 10th 2007 ... 10/10/2007 (Now thats a nice date isn't it)...

And yes I am a freak, I like everything in my life to be just right and perfect, so the date does matter... I even considered waiting unit 8th August next year, 08/08/08 (Now that would be cool)...

Just to put things into perspective for you all, when my wife opens the windows in our bungalow, i'll walk around the outside and make sure they are all open by the same amount so they don't look mismatched... :eek:

As I said a freak... But a happy freak...

Anyhow, Wednesday is going to be the offical day 1 for both myself and Barb and I haven't got any excuses left, bungalow is now offically finished, work has been a nightmare over the last couple of months (non paying clients, still got one invoice thats 4 months over due, but thats nothing compared to last month :mad: ).

And we have just completed 4 projects ready for Christmas release, so work has settled down again (Always nice to start new projects).

So just call me "NO EXCUSES GAV"... However I have one big reason to stop smoking properly this time, I don't want to let Barb down. Oh two reasons, daughter due for arrival on the 7th of December... :eek:

Marvellous, always wanted a daughter, just hope she isn't a screamer... I took my son to school the other day and the girls were shreeking and the noise just shattered my skull... Hehehehe... I'm in trouble, I know it, you don't have to lie to me...

I also think plenty of posting on this forum will help also, it worked wonders for me last time in June. In fact this forum was the single reason I managed 21 days smoke free.

So expect alot of jibberish from me and if I post anything that offends anyone I apologize for that, but you all must remember...

"Even though something is sexist, it doesn't mean it isn't true" :D

That was a quote from my business partner, hehehe...


Hahahha good ol' gav :rolleyes:

I am right here Barb x x

I haven't run off, as Boudee says My bloody computer is in a real bad way and it isn't a viral thing she is just keeps dying on me, reckon it'll pack up soon, not much works right now x x

I am so glad to see you back here x x and please, even if you are smoking!! don't forget to keep in touch!! you got my addy ;) hope all is good in the hood and daniel has settled x x

Gav tis great to have you home too x x missed your witty posts and hilarious stories x x hows the bungalow? wife? kid? and the bump?!!!

And dumplin!!

x x x x big hugs x x

girl you know you can!! you got all the luvvin n support ;)

Great to see you back x x

geesh keep in touch guys!! x x


*wave* heya Barney x x

I still have more coins than you!

Aw Boudee x x soz x x I got the means to stay in touch now, comp or no comp x x

I'll get a proper PC and give this poor hard working laptop a break in the new year, palm it off on the kids heheheheh

Soooooo good to here from you all x x x x glad you haven't quit quitting and that previous attempts have not been in vain x x x x

ah you guys x x

~Buffy x x


Hi Buffy,

Glad to be back amongst it all... :D


Finished and hasn't fallen down yet.


Getting fed up and wants the new arrival to arrive




Growing fast and coming in 9 weeks time ( Yippee :D )

Getting ready for a serious no smoking campaign Wednesday with Barb.

So all in all everything is normal here in Norwich...


ROFL :D hahaha ahhh you been shopping with him again today? hehehe

Jesus 9 weeks to go :eek:

Grats on keeping the bungalow upright!!

Even if I have to go to maccy d's to find a working computer I'll be there for you n barb ;)

Can't wait to hear your list of food indulgences again :D hehe

~Buffy x x


Good luck to you both for 10/10


Thanks Flippy.

I did well last time. Reporting on here helped alot.

Buffy--Hi. Great to hear from you.

Daniel is doing fine, nearly 12 weeks old now.Not much colic anymore.

He is in a great routine.

8.15 am --wakes

8.30 am--Bottle

12.30 pm--Bottle

4.30 pm--Bottle


8.30 pm--Bottle


He plays alot in the mornings and goes out in the afternoons.

We put him in his cot at night awake and he goes of to sleep on his own, then sleeps for 11 hours.

Daughter not to good. Has PND.She is getting better, doing more with Daniel.

Hope everything is good with you and family.xxx

Barb x


Ah Daniels a star x x x x superb routine and 11 hours kip :eek:

Your poor daughter with PND :( that's a terrible shame.

I am sure she'll come through it and grow strong.

she is lucky it was diagnosed earlier rather than later.

and has the support of her family,

that will be of real strength to her x x x x

All my love to you, your daughter and gorgeous grandson x x x x

My family is all good thanks x x

The kids are already getting excited about christmas! >_<

Good luck in your quit

Lots of love

~Buffy x x


Thanks Boudee and Buffy

Buffy-Don`t get me started on xmas. I LOVE IT. Dec`s go up in november and then my electric bill hits the roof.Lights everywhere , oohh i can`t wait.

Barb x


Oooooh Barb!!!

You must do us some pics :D

I already got a christmas tree up on my facebook page :) hehehehe

Bought all the stuff for the kids to make cards this year too,

Last xmas was such a non event we're going for gold this year x x x x

Looking forward to it x x

~Buffy x x


hi there gav & barb i am new here and also quitting on wednesday as it is my daughters birthday. i just wanted to say good luck and i hope everything goes well.:)


Hi Redkelly

Good luck for you on wednesday. Thats 3 of us now:D .We can all go through this together with Buffy and everyones support ( to many to mention ).

How old will your daughter be and are you using anything to help your quit.

Barb x


hi barb. my daughter will b 6. im not using anything am gonna try cold turkey. xx


Hi RedKelly,

Cold Turkey.... Join the club... That's my tried and tested method...

So it looks likes we are getting quite a gathering together for a Wednesday smoke free campaign.

Better spend Tuesday getting ready for the big push... And hopefully the final push... :D


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