New and on day 6

Hi All,

Today im on my 6th day of not smoking and feel great:D Im using the patches and they are really helping,i take them off at night as im pregnant.I wish i had done this years ago.I haven't been around a smoker yet so i dont know how im going to feel when i smell it,but so far so good.Ive had days when i have wanted one but instead i stick a lolly in my mouth which helps lol.

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  • Hello, I am on day 6 too.:( It is driving me mad TBH, i cannot stop thinking about smoking.


  • Welcome teresa and flippy. What methods are you using? I,m on day 2 of my quit but its day 10 of champix. Welcome again and good luck:) :) :) :)

  • I am using patches. I have just googled chimpax as i havent heard of it before.

  • Thanks

    day 7 now and this morining i was so stressed i could of had one but i didnt:D My baby boy is due 10 feb 08.I have never heard of champix what is it?Im using the patches which do cost but as im pregnant i get my free.But they still work out cheaper than the fags.:)

  • Morning. We are both on day 7 Woo Hooo we are doing good.:)

  • morning flippy

    Yeah we can keep each other going:D

  • Yep that will be good.

    What patches are you on. I am on the 15mg 16 hour ones.

    My worst time is now when i have my morning coffee and after my dinner tonight.

  • Im on the 21 mg 24 hour ones but i take mine off before bed as being pregnant.I too find it a bit hard when having my morning coffee but after dinner im ok i just drink loads of water which helps.:)

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