Congratulations Befly And Chocco


What a total inspiration you both are to us so many ways!!!

Going bonkers cos you have done so well - absolutely brilliant!!

You are such great buddys and sending you both massive hugs.

Sending you a bottle of Tequilla - just watch the worm at the bottom cos he's well powerful!!

Loves Yous


3 Replies

  • Thanks Poppy your the best!

    Me and Choco are going to get trashed on tequilla tonight!

    Come and join our party, we have lots of cake too!

    Love ya

    Befly xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Thanks Poppy - but 3 months today - I wish!!!

    2 months today, starting in month 3 now.

    Thank u anyway and thanks for the Tequilla - think i might start on it now, it'll help my shitty day pass quicker.

    Who's got the lime n salt?

    Anyone join me in a Tequilla Boom Boom?

  • Oooo Chocco what is a Tequilla Boom Boom - that sounds cool. I knew someone who ate the worm and he was out of it for 2 days - totally hallucinating everywhere. Mind you I don't know who could eat the worm but I guess if you are already trolleyed it doesn't matter cos you don't care!!

    Oh hope your day picks up babe. Here's a sunshine to warm your face and remind you what a wonderful person you are lovely

    Big Hugs for my Chocco


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