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so proud


I just wanted to share with everyone that I have been a non smoker for 16 days and I am so proud of myself. This is my 3rd attemt to quit and I feel it is going well so far. I have had a few tough weeks but told myself that smoking will not make the situation any better, which has worked. i have also started a health kick at the same time so I have not put on any weight,which sabertarged my last attempt :)

I am using patches which have really helped with the withdrawal symtoms and I don't think I could do it any other way.

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Hi Gemma . Haven't spoke to you b4 but bloody well done girl!!! I've tried a few times b4 to quit but never managed more than 4 weeks . However this time I feel I am really going to do it . I am on day 5 of champix and whilst I dont quit properly until next vweds but I'm already smoking a lot less than normal (around 8 a day instead of 20). Again CONGRATULATIONS!!!!:D :D :D


Thanks for your support. I am just working out what to spend the money on that I have saved.

Oh my!!!! I have just worked it out and it is actually 19 days.:) :)

Hope the tablets work for you, is this your first attempt to quit?


Nice Work gamma You shold be proud of yourself. Beating the nicotine addiciton is HELL so every step is joyful! Keep strong!


Well done Gemma!!

Day 18 today

Hope you are saving your spends to buy on nice clothes and stuff for your trim self as you are also on the health kick!!

We are all behind you -



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