No Smoking Day

Day 13

Hi All

Not been on for a while - a bit mad lately with work etc but at least its kept my mind off smoking.

Getting a bit more stressed as the little one goes in for her operation on Monday and been trying to prepare her for what happens. A little bit difficult as she is not yet 3 but she knows she can wear her new PJ's and gets magic fairy cream on her hand. Any other tips are most welcome! She screamed when she had to have a bandage on her hand when she was 1 and pulled the canula out! :(

Hope you are all hanging in there and even though I may not be able to log in over the next week my thoughts are with you all.

Luv n stuff

Carol xxx

I have been quit for 1 Week, 5 Days, 4 hours, 56 minutes and 4 seconds (12 days). I have saved £41.24 by not smoking 158 cigarettes. My Quit Date: 17/09/2007 03:30......AND ATE 10 BARS OF CHOCOLATE IN LAST 4 DAYS NOW MY DIET IS RETURNING TO NORMAL! :D

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Day 16 update

Hi Boudee

Thank you for your encouragement. What a stressfull few days!!! Steffi has had her operation now - was up ad 3:45 yesterday, at hospital at 7:30 and she didn't go for op till 3:30pm! She was past it and just wanted some juice and didn't understand why she was made to wait :(

In the end she was Saying "I want to go home now" which eventually changed to "I need to go home now". Thankfully all went well and after she had a gallon of juice, toast, banana etc got home at 9:20 last night.

We are planning a soft pay birthday party for her in 5-6weeks so she will be OK for that but need to be carefull for next 3 weeks!

Even with it all, still didn't have a smoke - not that I wasn't very very close to it though! She is so very worth it and want to be able to spoil her for a long time to come!

I am so glad I didn't feel the need to escape every so often for a cigarette at the hospital as I was able to be there for her more and did not feel the guilt I would have felt if I had!

Thank you again for your support. Going shopping for lots of get well prezzies, bows & pink paper!:D

Love Carol


Aww Carol, best wishes and hugs to your little one! You must be such a lovely mom, I'm sure she'll recover fast surrounded by all the care and love :)

oh, and hugs to you too - you didn't smoke in a very difficult situation! you should be really, really proud of yourself ;)


Hi Francesca

Thank you. She is very special to us as I am sure all our kids are and we waited a lot of years for her, 7 operations, treatments etc. Hated that she was going through it herself and handing her over to the hospital staff - I felt helpless with it and lost without her - even if it was for < 2hours! :(

I have missed logging on to this site and know it is here where I am getting the strength to get through it. I know that everyone has their own difficulties to cope with and probably a lot worse than mine so I do appreciate very much the support.

Luve n hugs to you all xxx

Carol (& Steffi)


Awesome performance from mother and daughter;)

Keep it up girls


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