a quickie

Hi Everyone

Just to tell you today I ran 3 miles, cycled 4 miles, paddled for an hour and all without losing my breath andfeeling gooooooooooood!!! It is amazing what th no smokinghs done. Usually I would hve got off the bike and pushd on a big hill - not today cos my chest didn't conk out. I could breath - and it fellt great!!!

Hopes you are all welll buddies and thinking of you.

Big Hugs to you all


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  • Way to go poppy, have fun!!!

  • Wow poppy!!

    Bet you feel great,

    I feel you are taking the first bend to the rest of your,

    'Open life'

    that benefits you as much as those you benefit.

    ~Buffy x x

  • Hi Everyone

    I conquered a fear today and did loads of climbing and jumped off a 70 foot log in the air\!! it was wicked.

    hopes you are all good and well

    Big Hugs


  • WOW Poppy!!! That's great news....glad you had so much fun. Keep it up you soooo deserve it! :D Talk to you later!

    xx Hugs xx

  • ...how could I NOT look in a thread titled 'a quickie'....

    ...I was sort of hoping that PoppyFairy might have been offering a celebratory bonk or something!

    Congratulations on your new-found energy levels!

    AND To all of you smokers who are lurking in the background on here, considering giving up but not quite taking the plunge : do it! Do it today! Make the decision to become a non smoker and experience what PoppyFairy and the rest of us here are talking about!

    Break free of the hold on smoking (and maybe have a celebratory quickie, if you're lucky!) Yes I know I'm on my soapbox and no, I'm not going to step down! Today I feel great. I had my first night's un-interrupted sleep last night. (And no, Buffy did NOT come round and give me a massage!) ;)

  • diablo,

    I think you should stay on your soapbox, and maybe get a loudhaler as well so everyone can hear you.

    I also love the idea of a celebratory bonk, and as I'm going on holiday tomorrow it might just be on the cards!!! Now look what you've started! :D

    You sound really positive so I guess things are going ok with you?

  • Yes, they are, hbav, thanks for asking!

    I worked out that I'm on my 20th day, today and I am feeling amazing. As I said earlier - last night I had my first night of un-interrupted sleep since about day five of giving up. And the smoker's (surely, NON smoker's :)) cough seems to be easing.

    I was wondering this morning (as I was running up the escalator, leaving the tube) why I hadn't given up before hand. It brought me back to the pain/pleasure thing. I had always thought about the things that I would LOSE from quitting, never the things that I would GAIN. I used to think that I would LOSE the camaraderie with my friends who smoked, I would LOSE that 'chill out time' in the evening, that 'social cool' and 'on the edge' feeling that came with smoking. The truth is, that I GAINED more camaraderie (here with you guys and with people who want to give up/given up), I've GAINED the ability to chill out naturally, rather than using a stimulant (anyone see the contradiction there? Chilling out using a stimulant! Hahaha.) and what's more cool than setting yourself free from something? :-) Oh yes, I really have set myself free! Free of those little programs of habit that were forcing me to smoke. (I was addicted to ROUTINE, not NICOTINE.)

    Here's the great bit - the bit that really excites me. This makes me want to (probably quite annoyingly, I would guess) grab hold of a smoker (I haven't) and tell them that the pain I went through (each day) for the first week was insignificant compared to the pleasure I got EACH TIME I DIDN'T LIGHT UP!

    If I feel like this after 20 days, I can't wait to share with you guys how I feel after 6 months!

  • The Devil went down to Georgia

    Diablo - what a great post !! I love hating smokers (well not exactly hating them - but looking down my nose at them for being weak and not in control of their lives !!)

    I'm glad that I'm not the only one who thinks like that.

    Does this mean that I am in league with the Devil ? ha ha ha ha!

    Maybe I am anyway..........................


  • Ooooh, and before I forget........

    I too only read this post as it was titled quickie !! But once I'd read it - I meant to say "Well done" to Poppyfairy. An absolutely fantastic achievement!:D

  • Ah these typical men :rolleyes:


    geesh we all know how sad you are,

    thinking quickie means a fast food dinner *sigh*


  • Well guys I never thought a quickie would cause such a stir - but it obviously has in the right way!!!


    And Diablo - celebratory bonks??? A - I am not a celeb!! (thank goodness) and

    B- I am a good girl........


    Yeah Yeah I can hear those coughs from here!! Eh hem - sorry!!

    Have a great day and enjoy yourself being smokey joey free!!


  • Ah these typical men :rolleyes:


    geesh we all know how sad you are,

    thinking quickie means a fast food dinner *sigh*


    Oh Buffy - you disappoint me! How can 'quickie' ever categorise me as 'sad' when the thought of such a think only ever makes me happy!

    Sigh. So many women, so little time (so little personality)....

  • And Diablo - celebratory bonks??? A - I am not a celeb!! (thank goodness) and

    B- I am a good girl........


    Who said anything about you being a celeb?

    And a good girl? In that case get on your knees and polish your halo! :cool:

  • If there's polishing to be done.......

    How about "Get on your knees and polish MY halo"............:D

    I just can't help meself........I'm a bloke after all.................



    Thank you Mr Maxiums you made me laugh loads!!!

    Yes very blokey indeedy good to see some testosterone flying about!!


    Still laughing now!!!!

    Have a great day hee hee hee

    Incidently I thought a halo perched on ones head????

    Big Hugs


  • ROFL very funny Boudee

    I have to say Mr Maxiumus has quite a wild imagination!!!! (or is this based on experience of the Angelic kind!)

    What with Befly and her Magic Roundabout and Maximus and his polishing of the Halos it does make you wonder what people get up to in their spare time!!! Sounds like they're having a lota lota fun!!

    Hee Hee


    Nearest I could get to Maximus's vision!!!!! bit scew whiff I know!!

  • na i reckon polishing all day would be boring :confused:

    well polishing halos anyway

    now if you was a bloke and you was polishing eh hem noooooooo I refuse to fall into this trap :rolleyes: :D

    Go on... fall into the trap... make my day! :-)

  • Hay pops,

    I wouldn't mind getting Max and Diablo strapped onto my wheel!

    I had better go and do some dusting and polishing in my dungeon if I am having guests!:eek:

  • I was tryna be polite !

    I was trying my best not to be rude !!

    But since you bring it up - I was gonna put don't polish the halo - polish the head !!!

    However, in the interest of good taste, I shalln't bring it up again (if you'll pardon the pun !!) (I just can't help it!!)


  • You go girl smileys.smileycentral.com/c...

    And don't forget those dusters cos the boys are into polishing big styley!!

    Maximus and Diablo you treat Befly like a queen or I'll be after yous!!

    Big Hugs


  • We're off to her dungeon........

    Us ? Treat Befly well ? We're going to her dungeon. Blimey, I'm sure you should be telling her to treat us well - not telling us !!

    Mind you, how well can you be treated in a dungeon?

    I'll let you know (when I get out!). (If I get out!)


  • uuuhhhhh - Oh my...Gotta get outta this room while I am still an angel with a shiny halo!



    You make me smile so muchhttp://img.photobucket.com/albums/v411/hells/11_12_10.gif

    Thank you babes.

    Yes I do think it is quite a good idea to have a dungeon to put these wanton gentleman who need a bit of direction on how to polish halos!!! I belong to a Strangler forum which is mostly guys and I tell you something the levels of testosterone that fly about there make your hair stand on end and there is crackles shooting out of the screen!!!!

    So delighted your stepson is better NS4M. Hope you are now taking a well earned recovery rest period and treating yourself cos you are such a wonderful Mummy and such a terrific friend to us all.

    Big Hugs for my NS4M


  • Glad I can make you smile Pops! :D I guess a bit of rust on the ol' halo won't hurt :p

    Thank you for your kind words Poppy ~ It means a lot to me :)


  • This QUICKIE thing is getting wayyyyyy out of hand....3 pages already. Look what u have started poppyfairy!

  • I posted 'quickie' very innocently Cindy - it is those testosterone geezers that changed the direction!!! (typical)

    Sorry Cindy

    Big Hugs


  • Poppy is very naughty and has now attracted all of the men on this forum....:eek: What will we do with her?!! :rolleyes:

    Hmmm...Help her out I guess!! Here you go boys - this is Poppy - Teee Heeee


    *hugs for my Pops - you are the greatest*

  • Cor NS4M

    I wish that was me - those legs are so much better than mine!!!! Yep I do like the idea of flitting between naughty and nice!! The outfits are cool too!!

    Loves you loads my buddy you always always make me smile.


    Big Hugs for my buddy


  • Lol Pops - nah you look much better than that I am sure of it! :D

    Stay nice cause it suits you better ;)

    *BIG Hugs for my Pops*

  • smileys.smileycentral.com/c...

    Maximus and Diablo you treat Befly like a queen or I'll be after yous!!

    I'm not sharing with anyone! Sorry Maximus.... ;-)

    Yep I do like the idea of flitting between naughty and nice!!


    I like the idea of you flitting between naughty and naughty......

    I can't

    I just can't :eek:

    They think i am nice in this forum

    I mean I am

    really!!!! :D

    Oh Boudee - allow us, your non smoking friends to set you on the path to corruption! ;-)

    The thing about addiction is that if you are not careful you replace one craving with another...........

  • Boudee - I'd really love to know what 'er hem :rolleyes: ' is......

    ....but it sounds like I'd enjoy it.

  • PoppyFairy - sounds great, doesn't it? Would you want time off though? ;)

  • you is just bad!!!!!!!!!! :p

    you is just encouraging....

    (I approve of said encouragement)

  • I'm just getting warmed up!

  • PoppyFairy : You get my wisdom, charm, good looks, modesty and a bit of 'er hem'.

    Or was that Boudee?

    Well I can wish, can't I? Sigh.

  • Perfectly well defused, my dear!

    With my ardour dampened, i shall be considering the non smokers of this forum from this point onwards.

    (Though I can't say which non smokers and what I shall be considering...)

  • Actually I *was* clearing my throat!

    Damned stray hairs.

    You see, this is what happens when you stop smoking! ;-)

  • Hi Maryjane and welcome,


    You have done so well, you should be very proud of yourself!

    You are the first person I have ever heard of, binge eating carrots!

    I just binge eat anything that is bad for me!

    Keep up the good work honey,

    Befly xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • 316

    WAY TO GO!!! We are all here for you! Good job on your quit!

  • Welcome MaryJane!

    Congratulations on your quit - you are now a NON smoker!

    *AND* you're in great company! (But then I'm bound to say that, aren't I!)

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