Going On Hols

Dear Everyone

Just a quick note to say Bye Bye cos I'm taking the kids to centre parcs this afternoon for our little break - back sometime on Friday.

Hopes everyone is well and happy and keeping on with the fight - be strong all cos you can do it - you're all fantastic!!http://img118.exs.cx/img118/1691/hug8ok.gif

Apparently it is going to rain everyday so it will be wellies on the crazy golf!!!

Miss you guys - I may try and check in at some points if I get a moment.

Please keep your eyes on Mr Whitey for me - I am doing his threads for him for the next few days to keep him going. Needs to be reminded how for he has come.

Big Poppster Hugs to you all



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  • Thanks Boudee - packing the riot gear just in case - think I'm going to need it as Matthew is on a bender!!!

    Have a better week lovely - hope you're feeling stronger now - you can do it Boudee - dig deep.


  • ~Thanks Boudee

    So few people understand - he went bonkers in the woods on Saturday and all these people charged over and started shouting about him - so i did my Peggy Mitchell bit and they all went off looking very embarressed!!

    Matthew has decided he doesn't like wearing clothes now ......... this is going to be fun!!! Currently running round in the Buff - oh to have no inhibitions!!!

    Big Hug Boudee


  • Maybe we should all give it a go one day - Matthew looks much happier without them on - like a little birdy running round the yard - it's like he can jump higher and move better.....

    Having said that I would probably need some kind of warning stamped on my butt if I did it - cos the bod sure aint what it used to be.... now where's Gok when you need him!!!


  • YOU GO GIRL!!!!!



    Cor wish I was brave enough!!


    Does Mr Boudee join in too?

  • Totally agree Boudee - I am sure that is most peoples motto for life.

  • smileys.smileycentral.com/c... Hi Poppy have a fab smoke free time miss you lots Linda xxxx


  • Have a marvelous time x x x x

    Centre parcs is under a big roof so theres plenty to do if it's wet ;)

    ~Buffy x x

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