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Sore throat

I know it's usual to have a sore throat when you stop as your body returns to normal but how long does it usually last? My throat's been so sore pretty much all week but I thought it should have gone by now. I had a packet of ten (over 3 days) last weekend (that's why I'm back on day 7) but before that it had been about 3 weeks with nothing. So shouldn't the sore throat have gone by now?

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Not necessarily no x x sorry :(

It will pass but it can turn into a viral thing and hang around for a while!!

As these viral things do :rolleyes:

Do bare with it x x

It is so worthwhile x x and of course it will pass x x

~Buffy x x


I was hoping you'd all say 'yeah, it'll be gone by teatime'... I'm so impatient!

Oh well, it'll go eventually but it's just so annoying right now - especially as it keeps waking me up as my throat's so dry. I don't sleep well at the best of times so the last thing I need is something else disturbing me.

Am going to use it as (yet another!) excuse for some serious comfort eating this evening.




Sorry x x x lol

Yup eat yourself fit :D

Good motto x x ;)


Hi mate sore throat for me lasted 7 days now i have very bad acid i think this is the NRT gum as when i have one then swallow it burns like hell, pure evil may have to go cold turkey:eek:


Whiteboy, the acid thing your talking about, I'm getting that also but I'm using the patches. So are you sure it's the gum thats doing it? I just don't want you to make the quit any harder than it is already.;) Keep up the good work though.:)


Perhaps it is NRT in general.



I suppose a few days/weeks of this is nothing really compared to the benefits. Am not using NRT so it's not that for me, think it must just be my body recovering.


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