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Day 67

good morning peeps

i hope every1 is still smokefree and had a good weekend.

I spent the weekend playing peace keeper between my x and my daughter, i am glad to say problem is resolved my wife is sincerely sorry and has apologised to our daughter and they are talking to each other. My daughter thinks its either pmt or the change, so i am glad i am out of that.

Still smokefree after all that stress so all in all a good weekend, a nice short week this week as i am off friday,mon and tues. my daughter is coming home from cardiff on friday and wants me to pick her up from the station and on sunday we are going to our fav pub for sunday roast yum yum, to celebrate my birthday on monday 21 again lol.

I would like thank peeps for their support and advice. Buff and Boudee i think you make good agony aunts.

I had a copd appt with the nurse on friday had a spirometry test and the nurse was impressed with the results lung capacity obviuosly not as good as a non smoker but good for my age, and she took oxygen blood ratio and it was 97% and the nurse said thats the same as hers and she is a non smoker so well chuffed with that.

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My x realised she was in the wrong and apologised for what she said to Jade.

She has realised that she cant force jade to go back to college just because she going to lose £200 a month in benefits so now she realises that she will have to go and geta job instead of living on benefits.


Hahahha the truth comes out!!!

Selfish 'B' glad she came to her senses!!

Glad the spirometry came out good too :D

I was surprised mine did too!! hehehe

So no more inhalers??

You held your head high, reaping the benefits now!!

Well done Andy x x x x

Ooooh thanks for the aunty bit too lol does that make me and boudee sisters??


~Buffy x x


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