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end of Week 2

My goodness, tomorrow I'm moving to Week 3 , yay! Since week 2 I have honestly been feeling SO much better. I had people actually ask me what happened because they say I look happier - and this is totally amazing, because one would think there's no way the happiness from quitting smoke would show on one's face :eek: I do every now and then, in the evening, feel like the ghost of a craving, but it's hardly recognisable and I tend to rationalize a lot, so I might sit there for a few minutes and kind of taste the weird desire my brain is teasing me with, exploring it and the effects it has on me, until it actually fades and goes away. After this calm little routine I always feel better on sooo many levels. It's like a silent battle, where I get to show the nic demon who is the strong one and the one really in charge.

I don't feel deprived since quitting, I feel blessed instead. I have started to notice how especially in the evenings I drink less coca cola and less juice, and I eat less candies, need less coffee, and I'm absolutely positive it's 1) because I'm maybe managing to start teaching my brain it is not really missing anything 2) because I don't have to cover the taste of cigarettes anymore! See, I used to never smoke a "naked" cigarette :rolleyes: So I feel like liberated now.

All of the above said, I try not to feel too sure about myself, if you know what I mean ;) I'm well aware that, should I feel too strong, I might slip - and I really do not want to slip, not even for a couple puffs. So on one hand I'm living my life with much more pleasure than ever before, bad days included, on the other hand I keep focused and aware of the dangers, because this is a freakishly subtle addiction.

Thanks guys from the bottom of my heart, because merely knowing you are here is a VERY strong help for me :)

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Well done Francesca. I quit around the same time.


What an amazing attitude!!!

You are doing fantastic!!

Reckon your going to skip through to month 2 with a smile on your face x x

Well Done Francesca x x ~Buffy x x


Well done and i am glad to see you or well;)


Dear Francessca


Really proud of you and keep up your excellent techniques as they are obviously working.

Big Hugs



Francesca you are a star!

Well done. you are doing so well, keep it up.

Befly x x



You are a super star!!! :D


Thanks everyone!! *is touched* Trust me, at least half the reason I'm doing good and feel strong is that I've known since the start that you guys were, are and will be here to catch me if I fall - it's an amazingly powerful thing, it's helping me a lot :)




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