No Smoking Day

Day 6

Day 6 and feeling ok to a certain point of battling on and keeping my mine busy from thinking about smoking.:cool:

Been doing cross stitch sewing on an evening and drinking loads of water, puffing on my nicorette inhalator, taking deep breaths and its working well so far and got me through to day 6.:D

Still not sleeping well, tossing & turning, getting up hours before time, feeling hungry and not been my normal self, other than that doing well.:rolleyes:

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Ah well done roxy x x x x

You have a good plan and it is seeing you through mighty fine x x

Stick with it and stay strong

~Buffy x x


Ooooo Roxy know how the night thing feels coz going through the same myself at the moment and it's driving me loopy. I think we're going to have to start a little club coz there's quite a few of us here in the same boad - maybe we could all sing lullabies to each other.

Well done lovely you've done sooooooooo wellllllllllll.

Big Hugs to you


something to help you sleep


Hey congratulation on your day 6, you sound strong and calm, it's awesome :)

Not feeling my normal self was possibly my major concern during the first week, I was quite anxious about that but now I can safely say it was just a temporary though confusing feeling and that it does go away, when it does you really start feeling happier than ever - so hang in there :)


Well Done! You sound to be very content and that's great news. Keep up the wonderful job you are doing and keep posting :D


Roxy, your doing fantastic. Keep up the brilliant work! It does get easier;)


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