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Day 5 almost over

Hi everyone,

I'm doing kinda good, no headaches, no nausea, no other special symptoms, no avoiding smokers, I sleep well at night, I feel very good in the mornings, very strong, very determined and absolutely positive I'll be successful. Ok! Now for the shitty part :D : things start getting slightly worse later in the afternoons, and they get definitely worse after dinner, when I can't really seem to to do nothing but sit and obsess over the thought of smoke until I go to bed :D - on day 3 I cried my eyes dry for half an hour due to sheer frustration, yesterday I only cried for a minute, and in between laughters :o Tonight I managed to just laugh the cravings away with hubby's help, by having a frantic and silly conversation kinda like "I want a sigarette!" "Are you really sure? is that what you want?!" "YES! but it's the monkey talking, not me! so don't mind me while I say GIVE ME A FRIKIN SIGARETTE NOW!" Of course I didn't have the sigarette, we giggled together like two loons and that got me kind of distracted...BTW, hubby's a smoker too, but he managed to reduce smokes from 20 to 5 many years ago and stick to the new he hasn't smoked in 3 days. And anyway he never smokes before 9 p.m. I wish I knew how he does it...

This day count is extremely interesting and helpful, though I haven't posted earlier because I'm afraid that by focusing too much on each day I might sort of trick myself into waiting for something to happen, when I just feel it won't ...I mean, what are we waiting for exactly as each day passes by? We quit smoking, I think the magic already happened ;)

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WElcome Francesca

Congrats on your quit things should start to get better now the first few days are the hardest. I think counting the days makes us see how well we are doing and the time we have been free Linda xxx


Hi Francessca

Welcome to the site. You'll find loads of support here together with tips and advice from many brilliant people.

I agree with Linda - counting the days is important because it reminds us of how far we've come so if Snout Vonbuttend comes knocking at the door we can remember that we've managed 5 days without him and he's not welcome at our house thank you very much!!! For me personally, it's also important to log it on here it's like each day has been set in stone and that day - say 5 - I will never have to do again.

Well done for 5 days - you've made a brillinat start.



Hi Francessca,


Well done for doing 5 days that is fab!

Keep it up and keep posting, we are all here if you need us,

Befly x x:) :)


Welcome Francesca x x x

Good Morning and Welcome to the site and day 6 of your quit!!

You have done so well to get this far !!

Day 3 is a very tough one x x

So you have climbed your biggest hurdle.

Tomorrow marks you first week !!

Stay strong and lucky you for a good supporting husband x x

~Buffy x x


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