No Smoking Day

Weird dreams

Morning each,

I hope you are all well and enjoying the fresh air!!

I had a really weird dream last night, that I was in the garden having a cigarette. I was actually chain smoking!

I actually woke up in a cold sweat and was so relieved when I realised it was a dream/nightmare.

Has anybody else had these sort of dreams or is it just me that is a little weird:eek:

Take care all....happy dreams

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Oh yeah!! many people here have had that dream!!

It's common :D you're normal!!

I guess it's always on our mind 'not to smoke, must resist' that our minds relax and do it in our sleep! :D

How relieving was it to realise you hadn't smoked?!


Hi Mark,

No your not weird at all,:eek: it seems to be one of the most common side effects of quitting ,especially if you are using champix and I think alot of people get it on nrt as well. I actually posted a couple of weeks ago, saying that I feel left out coz I seem to be one of the only ones who hasn't had any weird and wonderful dreams and I still haven't. I think it is coz I haven't got a very vivid imagination!::(

I don't think you said what method you are using?

Good luck and heres wishing you only nice dreams!:D

Befly x x


Everyone has those dreams!!!

In fact its just reminded me, i had a very odd dream the other night, various things were happening (as they do in dreams), and i found my fella had some cigs (he hasn't smoked in ages).

In my dream i was sooo annoyed, i thought sod him, i'm going to smoke too, but then seemed to come to my senses and thought 'no, i'm not going to undo all my hard work cos of u!!'

So i felt quite self righteous in the morning.

And told off my fella for being a sh*t in my dreams!!! ha ha !!!


Hi thanks guys,

It is such a relief to be not weird!!

I have never been so relieved when I realised it was a dream, such a big smile on my face. Slept soundly afterwards as well. In fact sleep has been so much better last few nights.

I am not actually using any patches or anything, however I picked up a lot of useful info from Allen Carr...although I do have NRT Gum at the ready if needs be, even though his method does not recommend it!!

Think my body has forgotten all about smoking, it just screams out for chocolate and anthing sweet at the moment. Gotta get that sorted out quick sharp.

One happy chappy loving you all

Mark xx


Hi Mark, I'm waiting for the dreams but nothing happens! Maybe this is the dream and in a moment I'll wake up... ;)

On the subject of sweet things.. I've always associated sweet things with a ciggie, one follows the other so I've tried to avoid them.

I'm finding that nuts & raisins are keeping me going along with dried apple pieces (sounds disgusting but is OK).

Have a good day:)


I keep having this dream that I am posting on a smoking forum.

Very strange !


Congratulations Mark!!! :D

We are having a bit of a baby boom on here!! hehehehe

'Another forum :rolleyes: parenting advice :D hehehe'


Thanks Buffy,

What more of an incentive can there be than a liitle un on the way. I just know we will both need to be strong during many sleepless nights.

My partner actually quit smoking the day we found out. Says she is repulsed by the thought of smoking during pregnancy, I just hope she is not tempted to start again once little un is here.

I will have to get her to register on here so you can all help me to support her....

Very proud of her, which is also why I wanted to quit, I want Kully to be proud of me too for quitting. She is also very supportive of my efforts to quit and it is easier to cope in the evenings when you have somebody else who has also quit.

Mark x


Aw x x you bought a tear to my eye x x

What a lucky child to have you two to nurture it x x


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