No Smoking Day
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Nicotine Hell

When I was young I thought how cool

To smoke a ciggy, what a fool

I coughed I spluttered and I hated the smell

That was the start of my nicotine hell.

As the cravings started I felt deflated

The nicotine monster had been created

23 years, smoking 20 a day

the little monster getting his own way

confidence gone from this once happy chap

Falling deeper into the trap

The little monster needed a hit

It's hunger fed I felt like shit

Then one day I read the book

The writer said just stop and look

Smoking is just an illusion

of that there is no confusion

To make the monster go away

I read a book called easy way

Now every smoker that I see

Has one desire, to be free like me!!

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Hi Steve H,

Thanks fella, hopefully a few others will like it too and hopefully it will help them.

How is your day?


top notch mark x x

If you replace

'I read a book called easy way' with

'I'd have to quit, theres no easy way!'

and remove

'Then one day I read the book

The writer said just stop and look

Smoking is just an illusion

of that there is no confusion'

It would suit every ex smoker in the world!!

Bang on great writing ~Buffy x x


Dear Markk1

What a brill poem. I think writing stuff like this is really good - helps get all your thoughts and feelings out with a positive end.

Well done and with only 3 months to go until the birth of your beautiful baby it's new beginnings all round.

Poppyfairyxx (Twinkle Twinkle)


Thanks guys,

Appreciate the comments!!

You are right poppyfairy, it does help to get thoughts down. Helps you remain focused. Must admit for day 3 cravings have not been too bad. Just need to sort my appetite out. I seem to have gained a sweet tooth that I never had before!! Good job I am going gym as well.


Hey Mark try eating seeds - sorry I tell everyone to eat seeds. (no not ones you plant in the ground). If you go to Tescos or whereever you can get yummy bags of seeds which taste like toast and nuts and they are so small you have to chase them around your hand and plate which keeps both your hands and mouth busy.

Failing that try a really good bar of chocolate - none of the Caburys rubbish - but one which is very high in cocoa - 80% - it's better for you and no where near as fattening. Also as it is so full of chocolate one cube knocks any ciggy craving on the head as well as sweet tooth craving.

Green and Black are a good make, or you could get eg Tescos own Belgium choc which is much higher in cocoa solids. The higher the better!!



Thanks PoppyFairy

I will need to look at something, I am eating loads of dry roasted nuts at the moment!! Apart from that diet is really healthy. I will look for said chocolate in Sainsbury's later. I also think I have tried the seeds that you are talking about...very nice, so that is my other option.

On a lighter note anyone got any hols planned....anyone away this weekend??

Mark xx


I am going carnival :D already had my holiday at easter :rolleyes:


Awsome made me smile:)


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