No Smoking Day
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Day 6 for me!!

Hi guys,

I am on the night of my 6th day! Feeling okay - most cravings are short and I haven't had that many strong ones today :D I am just hoping that I have made it outta the woods and things just keep gettin easier and easier! Thought i'd write for those who are a few days behind me! Today isn't that bad! Stay strong, fight the urge - you will feel soooo proud of yourselves!

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Well done no smoke x x

Indeed I hope those a few days behind you,

can see the light you have shone for them :D

Stay strong x x ~Buffy x x


Awsome Keep it up no going back now:)


ARRGGGGGG!! :mad: Day 7 guys and gals:D !!! I just had my dinner and i am having a rough moment right now! I thought i would come and write till the urge goes away! LALALALALALALALALALALAA!! I think I will go have some hot water and lemon - I can't eat right now because I am too full lol! Hopefully the water and lemon will help me out! :confused:

CHIN UP - tomorrow will be better! :D


Hope the lemon hit the spot no smoke x x x x

And you awake feeling on top of the world with 1 whole week under your belt :eek:

Well Done stay strong x x x x

~Buffy x x


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