No Smoking Day

tomato juice? yeah right!

Now you can take this however you like but I noticed over some years that when I fly longhaul I drank tomato juice - never alcohol and never coffee or tea; not a conscious decision, just felt like it. Later, I also noticed that I never suffered from withdrawal during a flight.

2 + 2 =?

So now I'm drinking t juice at home though I never used to. Apparently, there's something in tomato which can help - what? I hear you ask. Unfortunately it doesn't have the same benficial effects on memory!:D

Can't say if it's helping or not but thought I'd pass it on anyway.;)

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anythings worth a try steveh and if it helps its a bonus!

does a bloody mary count? lol, charlene.


Well that is funny because i was drawn into bloody marys for the first time during my long haul flight to bahamas, and during the entire holiday ......... oh and on the flight home :p

Lol true though tomato juice has never appealed to me any other time. like a good splash of tobasco too hmmmmm oh i am having holiday flashbacks :rolleyes:


Tomato juice is good for your prostate, so you cant loose.


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