No Smoking Day

Day 5

Yey, nearly a week. It's been OK but every now and again I do feel like there is a dimension missing from my day - very strange sensation....

Loving all the pics of you guys on the General section!! :D

Still in bed, with my two cats and looking out of the window doesn't look like I'm missing much..

Spent the day yesterday with my daughter (who is still smoking :( but they are rollies and she promises me that she will be stopping after her holiday). Went to Windsor and it was great not to have to worry about where to have a cig. especially as absolutely everywhere, including the open air shopping bit is now non-smoking.

Alan is going to be watching the football most of this afternoon so I am planning to watch some DVDs on my laptop and probably eat ten buckets of popcorn and a family bag of Minstrels. (I am already eating a Toblerone in bed as part of my breakfast!).

I really hope that I'll be posting on the Week 2 site!!

Take care all of you!




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Morning Ann-Marie,

Ahhhh indeed definatley a very Sunday like sunday going on today :D hehehe

As a football widow i will probably be hanging around here too :D

I have just got my youngest child with me this week so tis pretty calm here!

And best of all i don't have to cook a roast :D yayay

Enjoy your chilled out day and Congratulations on getting closer to the 1 week mark!! popcorn for the win :D

~Buffy xx


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