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No Smoking Day
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still a little down today. me and hubbie having a few domestics every time we go to the super market to do shopping! i am eating lots of sweets due to quitting smoking, i know its no good for me to be doing so and i know im in danger of piling on a few pounds BUT it is stopping me from smoking! my hubbie is currently on a strict diet and has been for a while longer then i gave up smoking. he is getting extremely anoid with my habit of spending a long time up the sweet isles and then piling loads of different sweety packets into our otherwise healthy shopping trolley and keeps saying he should go buy 40 fags and scatter them around the house to see how i feel. i end up feeling really tearful and then getting down about quitting smoking in the first place and start feeling angry at myself for not thinking about the consequences of both quitting something at the same time. i can understand how he feels as he has cut out anything with fat or sugar and is obviously suffering just like we are with cutting out nicotene from out daily lifes.

oh well i guess ill have to try and swap sweets and fatty stuff for carrot sticks and lettuce! :eek:

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Have you thought about buying your sweet stuff at a separate time to the weekly shop and placing the items in a tin in the back of the cupboard. If you want some choccy then eat it out of sight. You know it's there, so does hubby, but it's less in his face. I have a lot of sympathy for you both, Keep strong, talk about how you feel to each other.


hi maeagain,

Poor old you, I do feel sorry for you. It must be really hard for you both. It is hard enough to cope with the not smoking but you can do without any domestic hassel.

All my lovely treats keep me going and I think I have put on about half stone in 2 weeks but there you go!

Sounds like a good idea keeping your treats hidden from hubby, when I gave up smoking before, I used to make all sorts of excuses to get out and have a sneaky fag and I smoked for about 2 months in secret before I told my partner. I am sure you could secretly have a scrummy treat without him moaning about it!

Good luck and stay strong.

;) ;) Befly x x


I had a talk with my partner recently, he still smokes and his and my old brand of cigs are sitting right there in the draw!

I had a go at him because I find it hard, i have opened the draw and picked out a ciggy and it isnt his fault i am doing it but it is there!!

Well he still smokes and i see him smoke but his cigs have disapeared from the drawer!! and he has also expressed that he wants to quit :eek:

So i am going to get him some herbal baccy and see what difference that makes x x

Guess the point is, i can empathise. But i find comments like 'i'll scatter 40 cigs around and see how you feel' a tad immature and not very constructive! I would be more inclined to put him out, even more with that kind of attitude :mad:

Perhaps a nice heart to heart and proper adult conversation may help him to understand each others needs and BOTH!! make a few sacrafices. Not just you!!

~Buffy x x


hi all

thanks for all the replies! dont worry about having a giggle over my post, i must admit i have had a good giggle over some of the replies. :D !

i do feel better today, took the little ones to drusillas zoo, great place that. i am so so tired and worn out now though! got angry when i see a couple of women lighting there fags up in a childens play park even though i clearly heard one of them read out the no smoking notice before they went a head! how out of order is that! we all know what its like to be addicted but thats still no excuse for that kind of behaviour. :mad:

ooh that feels better getting that off my chest lol :p


Drusillas eh? Thats 15 minutes from me. You should have popped in for a coffee.




could of done with a coffee too!

40 ciggs to 0, wow congratulations to you, thats superb!!!


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