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No Smoking Day
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Well into 6 Weeks*

Just dropping by to say hi to Buffy and everyone out there!

Ive been off ciggies for over 6 weeks now, might even be 7.. not keeping closer count then looking at a ticker i aquired a cupple of weeks ago, every other day or so. :p

Im happyish and im doing alright, horrible being ill without ciggies, it really tests you.!!!

Good luck all!!!

Love Jo

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Heya Jo x x x

What a star! rofl you can't even remember if its week 6 or 7! :p

Shows how far you have come and how well you are doing x x

Being ill? :( nothing serious i hope x x

Happyish :rolleyes: sure that'll be a good ol' happy when your feeling fit again.

Thanks for dropping by to say hi x x right back at you ;)

Keep posting x x

~Buffy x x


6/7 weeks

well done to you! hope your feeling better today!


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