movin on up

Hi everyone I am moving to month2 this morning, and to be quite honest I cant believe that Im here.

I have to say this a really tidy room, I love what you have all done with the place, does anyone mind if I make a coffee?, Ive brought choccy biccys with me if anyone wants any?

This looks like a good room to party I think Ill like it here, hehehe :p

Charlene. :)

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  • HI Charlene

    Well done month two thats fab. Glad you like the room the star rating gets better with the months hehe congrats anyway Linda xxxxx

  • did someone say something about a party????;)

  • Hey, if there is a party can I come please.

    xxxx Pupalup xxxx

  • Count me in!!! well done Charlene thats great


  • Well thats settled then, party on friday if no-ones busy, Ill bring the vodka and pizza, yum yum. ;)


  • Wooo hoooo parteeeeyyyyyyyyy

    Me three :D

  • WAAHEY looks like there will be quite a crowd!

    Great to see you buffy, where you been for so long or have I just missed you online? missed ya! :D

  • Aw thanks charlene x x x x x

    I been having laptop troubles as boudee will tell you they are no stranger to me :mad: I need a new computer a real computer at that!! :D

    Look forward to boozy party :p hehehehe

    ~Buffy x x

  • Hello can i come to your party please i am on month2 aswell congrats to all on reaching month2 we should party to celebrate

    Hello buffy long time no hear

  • Too right, everyone welcome shell, just make sure you bring a bottle! ;)

    Ur right about celebrating we all deserve a big pat on the back and a treat.

    Well done everyone, we have all done so well! :D

    Stay strong, charlene :)

  • Watcha Andy x x x x

    Well if I can come and I am not in month 2 :D

    then you sure as hell are more than welcome to join in the fun my luvvey x x x

    :D ~Buffy x x

  • Way to go everyone, lets boogie on down, what music does everyone like, I have quite a selection. Lots of booze and food, yum yum. He He, here we go more weight on, oh well never mind, one thing at a time.

    xxxx Pupalup xxxx:D

  • Well done Charlene for getting here.

    I've got less then 48hours and I'll be here too.

  • Hi pipple Ive been at work from three till ten, so by now you will be wel into month 2 so well done to you lass that great news!

    Dont forget about the party and bring a pizza and a bottle, we are celebrating!

    celebrate good times come on!

    Charlene :)

  • charlene I think you will fit in just fine no matter what "room you are in" .....


  • hehehe, thanks cindy. :D

    Stay strong, charlene :)

  • hiya

    did someone mention choccy biscuits? :p

  • Friday night Big bro wine and chinese :D guess the party has just started !!

    Wooo hoooo

  • cheesy bites pizza fondue and stella artois for me, yum yum.

  • oooh and choccy biccy's of course for destiny. :D

  • it's pinco di' gio and tortilla chips for me .... my husband says as much as i eat them they should be another food group.

  • Hi All

    Charlene They got stella on off in the spar by me 8 pint cans £6 I will get you some

  • Cheeres linda I could do with stocking up, me and buffy had a late one last night, drunken pigs that we are! :p

    Heres the money, and cheers very much.

    Ive got some sprite in to make a shandy later as I am feeling fragile today.

    ps- you missed the party thread last night linda, shame on you. :D

    Cindy just a question what is pinco di gio?, it sounds very fancy! Is it yummy? :D

    If so can I share some next time you have it in? ;)


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