Feeling Low

Hi everyone, week 4, 22 days, trouble is feeling low, don't quite know what to do about it, missing the fags, keep seeing people smoking, but I won't have one, I won'tj give in. Its a beautiful day, sun shining, and they are p.......g me off at work,, its shoot the messenger day orrible lot aren't they. Still tomorrow is another day, will not give in. Stay strong.:mad:

xxxx Pupalup xxxxx

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  • Pupalup - Enjoy the sunshine - and think how you so wouldn't enjoy it if you gave in to that evil nico teen.

    Then - you can bannish all those negative thoughts with the comforting knowledge that *you* have beaten it and are the stronger for it. Think of all the +ive messages you've posted on here to help others and how you've been able to do that becuz you are *better* for having not smoked.

    Chin up. Remember what you've achieved!!!!!!

  • Hi Pupalup

    We all have the low days. They don't last forever :) you can do it.:D

    I also had a tough weekend :eek: , but feel a lot better today. Could have killed for a cig on Friday night whilst having a drink (50,000 reasons why we should smoke) , but am so glad that we did not give in.

    You know it's worth it, tomoz will be better. :)

  • Thanks zip and meercat, hubby and I are both giving up, haven't spoken to him yet today, he is working 12 days, if he is strong, then I will be, its only me that writes on this forum, have told him about it and how everyone helps each other. I will keep my chin up. Thanks again.

    xxxx Pupalup xxxx:o :D

  • Hi Pupalup

    sorry to hear your having a bad day keep strong, congrats on reaching day22,

    i had a bad day the other day feeling down, i didnt think it was to do with not smoking just thought it was one of those days, next day i was fine. so hopefully tommorrow will be a better day for you

  • hi every one i hadnt had a cig for 30 days up to yesterday then went and had 3 made my chest feel like i had been hit with a hammer i was very low at the time hence cigs but now today feel great havent even thought about cigs and if i do i wont be having one now i know its defo doing me good not having em keep going defo must get easier has for me now knowing its changed my asthma :D

  • Thanks Boudee and all for the support you gave yesterday, didn't gave in a feel so much better today, sun is shining and only one person has p.....d me off this morning, am going for a coffee shortly (has to be a lattee) and a large slice of cake. I think a couple of WKD's are in order for 2nite. Stay strong.

    xxxx Pupalup xxxxx:D

  • Hi Pupalup, keep your chin up. Your doing so well.:)

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