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No Smoking Day
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went to the pub last night

omg:eek: i was frozen to my chair! the bloody doors were wide open both ends so the smokers could nip to and throw for there ciggies. not to mention the amount of them that decided that if they gotta go outside to smoke they may aswell stay outside and bring there kiddies with them. the fact no one smoked near me did make it so much easier for me because i didnt fancy a cig all evening (too busy moaning about the cold and the kids letting stink bombs off and running to and throw to the toilets lol) but i do really hope not all pubs have gone the same way cos that was a terrible atmosphere to be in.:mad:

well today has been ok, the boys did cooking today, we had a family day in the kitchen making a complete mess of ourselves haha. sooooo tired though my youngest woke me up at 6 am this morning excited about making the cakes. (i didnt get to bed til around 2am and i was that shattered i got out of bed and fell flat on the floor)

tomorrow is the dreaded big family picnic and im gonna be surrounded by smokers. 4 WEEKS TOMORROW THOUGH SO I DO NOT WANT TO RUIN IT ALL

ill be starting week 5....yippee!:p

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Destiny, well done for doing 4weeks and well done with coping with the pub.


Nice work Destiny,

Another hurdle overcome! Should be proud of yourself especially with all the craziness there. Keep up the good work, your doing well and deserve a big PAT ON THE BACK!



Well done destiny for getting over that hurdle Im so happy for you, as believe me I know how hard that pub atmosphere is as I myself tripped at that hurdle only last night :rolleyes: , eeeehhhh never mind.

Well done again and big pats on the back for you hun. ;)



good thing u had your life jacket on Charlene or we would of had to send in the coast guard to resue you! Whatever your stumble was ....GOOD JOB!



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