Hello everyone

Still going enthusiasm waning a bit, other people dont seem so enthusiastic after 29 days, still determined not to smoke, thankfully i got you lovely lot to talk to which keeps me going.

Well managed the gym again this morning so thats five days out five thats the first time i have done a full week for a while.

I am putting off my real test, with most of you on here its a trip to a pub for drinkies mine is carp fishing i usually go over night and i find it harder because when i go fishing you tend to sit around a lot, when i used to smoke i used to smoke more when i went fishing. i have been fishing when i quit before complete disaster i was using patches and gum, i arrived got set up, sitting there waiting for fish to bite i ended up on my hands and knees looking for dog ends to smoke and even asking people passing by for a ciggy, so i packed up went home straight down the shops and bought some baccy, so you can see why i am putting fishing trip off for a while

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  • Morning Shellfishb5

    Well done.

    I think the excitement of giving up smoking and feeling proud wear of a bit after awhile.

    At the beginning i was telling everyone and everyone was like good on you, but now i dont mention it very much. It becomes a way of life rather than a struggle.

    I have had no real test as i dont go clubbing or drinking.

    Good luck on your fishing trip and i`m sure you will be fine when your ready to tackle that hurdle.

    Barb x

  • Barb6374

    Thanks a lot i see your point

    How is it going Grandma lol, how is your grandchild doing pleased you managed to stay smokefree

    nice joke fihing and tackle haha

  • must be something about day 29 ivebeen feeling exactly the same all day been debating wether or not to just have the one :(

  • your not alone

    i have many remarks that it must be easy for me now , and "oh i cant see why you should find it hard anymore " etc... nine times out of ten there from smokers that have not tried to give up and just dont have a clue what we are going through. hang in there mate, i know your doing great and so do you!:)

  • well day 30 didnt have one but could still have one very easily dunno why im feeling like this all of a sudden been ok for a good week i would say but hey bring it on:rolleyes:

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