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im still here!


hello everyone

sorry not been keeping everyone up to date this week. had a hectic weekend and been busy doing all the bits around the house these past few days that are gonna be awkard to do once the kids are home!

im on day 25 now, wow i cant believe it myself. the childrens party i went to at the weekend went ok, there was people smoking but i spent alot of time inside the house and just popped into the garden every now and then to chat with people. bit unsociable but hey i survived thats what matters.

i am concerned about this coming sunday though, all my husbands family (and theres loads of them) are meeting up (including us) at a park for a picnic. there is about thirty plus expected to be coming and out of them myself my husband and his mum are non smokers, except the children the other adults are all smokers. i will have no where to escape to if it gets too much for me and im worried im just gonna turn real miserable and i dont want to ruin other peoples day out. my hubbie keeps telling me to think how he did in the end to kick his smoking habit and think of others, not myself. he said he had very morbid thoughts on his last quit about not wanting to leave his wife and children behind because he couldnt kick the habit, wanting to see his children grow up and see his grandchildren kept him off the nicotene. and how he was damaging our health not just his with his smoke etc...

this has made me very emotional this week, i have panicked about the dangers of smoking and what im doing to my children by damaging there health to risking my own health , if i hadnt then i would not be on this site now giving up, but i feel kind of hurt that maybe my hubbie thinks i didnt care about him and my children when i was smoking, and that i couldnt care less if i was around for them or not? :eek:

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hi destiny,

try not to feel guilty, its def a woman thing, and men say some things that they dont mean, im sure. Its prob all part of the giving up process, these emotional times. i know it was really tough for me during PMT time, and i bet it will be again when it comes around, so i will need you then!! We all know that u care about your family, especially your husband, as i said, men are very strange (present company excluded ((before i upset any men)) so pat yourself on the back and when it get hard, think of all of us in here!!! xxxx


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