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No Smoking Day
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Day 26

Good Morning everyone

I am a bit worried there is this bright orange ball in the sky which hasnt been seen for a long time, anybody, what is it, answers on a postcard please.

Well Day 26 still plodding on had a good evening last night and went to bed just after 9 still struggled to get up at 5 this morning for the gym had a good workout and cold shower, fit and raring to go. I have been over to see my friend and we went outside while he had a ciggy and i dont feel the least bit tempted which is progress. Just need to get over the tiredness and the wind and i will be fine, made a mistake had chilli con carne for tea last night which has made wind problem worse and doesnt help having sense of smell back.

I hope everyone is doing well with their attempts to be smokefree

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Well done Andy, keep up the good work. You have done really, really well.:)

We are 2 days behind u on day 24. Seems like it is finally getting a little easier for us.

The pangs are less severe than they have been, and seem to go quicker than before.

It's all a mind game now.

Dont let it beat you.




Hiya thanks and well done to both of you on getting to day24, i find that i just get the odd pang but they dont last long may be two or three a day and i have not been tempted once to go and buy any ciggies hope that carries on.

Still suffering from tiredness and wind hopefully both these will pass soon especially the latter.

Do you find it easier quiting as a couple?

I am on my own but it doesnt feel like it with this forum thanks guys.


I don't know about this orange thing but I feel very warm and have even had to open my windows! I got shorts on! and i have left the house 3 times today and my clothes have remained dry :confused: how crazy this world is :eek:

Well done for staying quit and fit :D

I love a chilli con carne yummy! I like it with jacket tats but my family think i am mad and i have to do it with the traditional rice hehehe

Stay strong ~Buffy x x


Hi Andy

Yes my wife and I have definitely helped each other.:)

There were days when I was strong, and she was weak, and vice versa.

Without her i think i have would have caved in on day 6 when we were having a few drinks. Wife kept me going. Then the next week she was weak when we had a drink, and i kept her going.

Praying that I am over the worst of it!:D

Feels like it at the moment but 24 days off smoking against 29 years smoking is a poor comprison. I was a dedicated smoker, just now got to prove that I am a dedicated non smoker!:eek:

Well done to everyone, keep it up.:)


I know exactly how you feel dave and allyson as my hubby is quitting with me too and although there have been times when there hs been a need for security, ("break it up you two!") its been nice kinowing that im not alone.

Im still feeling tired and lethargic, and getting the burning farts hehehe, also a frequent changing of toilet habits, but I know im doing my body a favour as Im coughiong up some vile looking stuff as my lungs are clearing out, looking at the stuff is enough to strengthen my willpower! :)

Hope ever1 else is still going strong and feeling fine! :D



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