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Day 4 and on yer bike

Day 4 and £40 saved but £80 spent on a bike. I was offered this brand new all singing, all dancing 29 speed bicycle from a work colleague who bought it but never used it. I decided that if I'm now gonna become addicted to jam doughnuts, I'd better try and counteract it somehow. So, if you find yourself in Lewes, East Sussex and spot a fat bloke with a Tesco bag full of doughnuts wobbling down the road, arms covered in patches (if they havent fallen off) you'll know who it is.:eek:

I've also decided that although I'm gagging for a Benson, I don't think that it would be the relieving comfort that I would expect, so do I want to risk being smelly again, and spending £10 a day and having to stand outside in the rain at the pub, not to mention wasting the £80 I just spent on a bike? NAH!

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ROFL @ wobbly man with tesco bag full of doughnuts! you are the English homer! :D

I love Sussex it's a beautiful place, lovely for bike riding i think you spent that £80 well x x x is Lewes close enough for a bike ride to brighton?

I am proud of you scotch, doughnuts and all keep it up ~Buffy x x


I live in Lewes and work in Brighton. Its a 15 mile trip. So its NO WHERE NEAR close enough for a cycle. Not yet anyway!!


Pah 15 miles is nothing!! :p

I do about 2.5 miles in the gym hehehe

lollol okok in due course ;)

I love brighton, *sigh* :D


I laughed my 'ed off on the way home passing a pub. The umbrellas outside were practically buckling under the weight of the rain teeming down and there was a huddle of after-work smokers all suited and booted looking mighty unhappy trying to stops their fags getting wet.

Share your doughnuts will you Jaques - I'm getting hungry again - only had 7000 calories today.

(ps. did you enjoy sharm - i always used to stock up with the mighty cheap fags - about $12 for 200 in the outbound duty free. No more of that for me!)


Hi Sharkie

Yeah Sharm was great. I decided a couple of months before that my give up the evil weed date would be at the airport returning home. I had time for an extra few because you could still smoke inside the airport at Sharm. Anyway, I didnt realise I would be surrounded by packs of 200 Bensons for 6 quid everywhere I went! Every other year, after holiday, I always came home with thousands of fags so this time it came hard to come home with none! It felt weird going through customs at Gatwick without having to put on an innocent face. ( You know, that "Who me? too many fags in my suitcase? Nooooo, not me....look :o )

Anyway, Sharm again next year for sure. What a fantastic place, reccomend it to everyone.


ps. I've learnt to type with one hand now. Doughnut in the other :p


I always used to say that I would give up after I had run out of duty free fags. It never happened cos I always had thousands in the house. I alays seemed to be going somewhere where they were really really cheap!

Hows the doughnut munching going today? I demolished a family sized bar of chocolate while watching a DVD last night plus a bottle of wine.

On day 18 - never felt better (or fatter)!


Im not worrying about gaining weight anymore coz I read somewhere that you gain weight anyway when you give up whether you pig out or not, so after worrying about my ever tightening trousers and expanding waist I dont care anymore and Im stuffing myself in abandon until the cravings stop! Ill worry about the weight later.

Lets hear it for doughnuts yyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy!!! :D



I have been a little concerned about my ability to cane a bottle of wine to no adverse effect! :D (recently read a bottle of wine is a binge!! ffs! a binge! have they ever seen a girl out in 'Greece uncovered?!' :p

I was also warned (was always skinny n stupid looking!) that in your 30's weight would change hehehe

now with you lot i feel like a normal person, not a skinny alcoholic! :p x x

Haha guess that we are safe in that field of normality x x

Quitting was a good thang ;)


too right buffy.

ps- if a bottle of wine is a binge then I must be a bloody alcoholic! lol ;)