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day 18 and 19


hiya all

day 18- cut out all sugar free products today, switched to semi skimmed milk and stopped having it in anything other then tea or coffee which i limited. stopped chewing any gum and YIPPEE my tummy was free from wind, stomache whirls every now and again but no embaressing moments at all.

my emotions were shot away yesterday though. i could handle the idea of not smoking for now but was having trouble with the long term idea. i had a major migraine and i think that was half my problem. oh well i got through it anyway.

day 19- feeling good! head a little achy but nothing major. dentist warned me to stop having sugar in my tea today, lol i didnt tell him about all the sweets ive pilled down myself, especially now im avoiding the sugar free ones. getting on better with the 10mg patch, still sleepy though! wish they would bring out a patch that stops ya snacking lol.

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hehehe :D

Well done destiny x x your doing great and grasping the new you with both hands!

You must be very proud x x ~Buffy x x

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