No Smoking Day

Day 10 - Marks from Patches

Hi all, anyone know how to get the sticky marks of your body from the patches, have tried most things unlucky so far. day 10 now and still going strong, had a couple of wines last night and the gremlin tried to lure me, but resisted:D also get very hot at night (hubby too) :D and starting to sleep heavier, is body adjusting that quickly :cool:

Anyway, if anyone can answer then thats great. Some great posts out there, keep up everyone.

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Baby wipes

Ive been using cheap baby wipes to get the sticky stuff off from the patches, give that a try.


I love Baby wipes!! I use them for everything :D hehehe

Yes the deep sleep is common I still sleep deeper and fall off quicker than before which for me is a godsend! i have always struggled to get to sleep but not anymore!

>if i drink a bit more than a couple of wines :D then i struggle to sleep!<

My problem now is getting up :rolleyes:

Hmm several people have also said about the sweating too, I thought it was just this muggy weather hehehe

Doing great Mr & Mrs Pupalup x x x keep it up!

~Buffy x x


Cheers Buffy, love the Mr & Mrs Pupalup, name is Jane, said a couple of wines cause didn't want you all to think a drunkie:o enjoy my chardonnay says I. Thanks for encouragement, I like baby wipes too, smell is lovely, reminds me of my children when tiny, and now my grandchildren (I have 5, oldest being 10 and youngest being just 4 weeks old. This giving up smoking is a great incentive around the grandchildren.

Take care all,

xxxx Jane (Mrs Puplalup) xxxx;)


Yes I too enjoy my Chardonnay, rose shiraz and cotes du rhone! hehe i like one of each

I am not a drunkie either! :rolleyes: just like to unwind hehe and I have a wine for each occasion red is for week ends eves n nights, rose for hot sunny days relaxing with friends and white is for the odd week night tipple :D

Not wishing my life away but I am looking forward to being a nan too! I like the idea of being able to spoil them rotten then send them back home at the end of the day :D

You must be very proud, sweet smelling grandparents :D

~Buffy x x


Very proud grandparents and yes smelling sweeter especially now after 10 days, look forward to the weekend for a few chardonnays, used to like red wine but gives me a bad head (so does the white if I have too much) he he:D Good luck with school hols Buffy, when do they finish for them. Keep smoke free.

xxxx Pupalup xxxx:)


Hello Jane,

Two finish tomorrow and the others on Friday at which point i am running to mum in laws house for the week end :D hehehe

Love nannys! :p

So i am gently easing myself into the 6 weeks! so as to try and hold on to being smoke free!

To be honest, it is the 6 weeks hols that i have given into the demon again before so this is my real tester!!

~Buffy x x


Thanks for the baby wipes advice- my arms are started to look like a funky geometric pattern- though I suppose it's quiet trendy at the moment.:D


Re: Marks from patches

Hubby went to Drs yesterday, nothing to do with smoking and asked about marks on arms from patches, she said white spirit, and congratulated him when he said there were 3 non smokers in house. Having a bad morning, thought I would just drop you all a note to give my hands something to do and see how you all are. Talk on Monday, busy all weekend. Take care and keep strong.

xxxx Pupalup xxxx:)


Re: Marks from Patches Update

Update to marks from patches, have been told by a friend that a product called Zoff is excellent for getting rid of marks from all parts of body. About £4.00 for 20, use once a week or when ever and be mark free.



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