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day 12 and 13


past two days have been ok, no problems with the cravings (hopefully not spoken to soon lol)

just been informed that some mints contain sorbitol (with laxative effects) ooh im gonna check all my mints out, ive brought up most of tescos supply :eek:

ive worked out that my patch is equivalent to 25 of my regular ciggies:eek: :eek: (i only smoked between 15 and 20 a day in the past year) my patch is 15mg and my smokes were 0.6mg each. im gonna get the next ones down as soon as i can get to see my gp. in the meantime im gonna reduce the ammount of time im wearing them for!

i am really quite :mad: about it..

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Lol @ sorbitol :p

Listen the mg of nicotine maybe lower than patch but everything else is higher! the tar is x10 greater than nicotine!

If you are having little or no side effects from the patches and they are working for you then stick with them! your just in a better position for not smoking too much in the first place! go with the patches and stick with the course x x

~Buffy x x

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