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day 9 and 10

hiya everyone,

DAY 9- got my first reward today, a lovely new ring. certainly sparkles more then a pile of dirty old ash! feeling ok!

DAY 10- so so so tired again today. getting a few bellyaches and pains, probably all the extra food. the days seem to go on for so long, i smoked for approx 1 hour 45 mins a day, strange how it seemed to feel the whole day. so much more time on my hands now.


would love to know the plan youve got up your sleeve for when your having a few drinks!;)

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Double figures destiny!! well done x

Oooh yes i'll take the ring over smelly ash :D

Good for you x x worth the little aches n pains x x

Keep it up, your doing great ~Buffy x x


My new plan of action is that I've written a note to put in my wallet that tells me why I quit and how selfish it would be of me to have a puff. Sober me telling off drunk me. Don't know if it will work but gotta give it a try.

Hi Destiny.

My Plan is above! Haven't had a chance to use it yet. Out drinking has always been my downfall so I'm hoping this plan might work.




I'm two days behind you - your doing great!

Sparkling new ring - just think about what rocks you'll be wearing in a years time! (faint, jealous, need to wear sunglasses they are so bright!)

Go for it !


Hi Destiny,

Congratulations on day 10 from a fellow day 10 (er).

OOooooh, shiny things (I'm so jealous) shiny things!!

You could use your new bling as a hypnotic device to curb any cravings. Should you feel your resolve slipping just stare into the beautiful shiny thing!

All the best,

Mischa x



:D lol yes thats exactly what im doing, ive got lots more fingers to try and feel yet haha.


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