No Smoking Day

Day 8

Its day 8 for me and i seem to be finding it harder than the first week :eek: :eek:

Last week my o/h took the week off and i seem to be fine when he was here but now he has gone back to work and im on my own till my daughter comes home from school and i seem to snapping at her poor kid

also im am going through alot of stress at the mo my grandad is in i c u

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Heya Sonya,

Sorry to hear about your granddad, my best wishes to you and your family x x

having done 8 days without smoking i am sure you don't feel as bad as before, it just feels like it x x You don't have to smoke like you did as a smoker, your not desperate like before.

Perhaps you could start something new that you have thought about but never done? gym, scrapbooking, library or planning a trip away with the money you have saved?

Maybe if your still doing the same things as you did when you smoked it is harder for you to stop remembering the cigs.

Your daughter will recover from being snapped at a lot easier than from losing her mum to smoking x x

Hang tight and keep up your strength, i know it's a bit of a tough time at the moment but try and use that as a focus and stay with it x x Keep posting ~Buffy x x


thanks for the reply

my grandad is stable

if feels like every day is harder than the lasts


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