No Smoking Day

Day 9,10,11

Good Morning all how are we all doing this bright sunny monday morning,

i hope everyone had a good weekend.

Day 9

My worst day so far i just kept wanting a cigarette all day i had this urge to have a rollie. but i kept strong and resisted the temptation to pop down my local sainsburys to buy a pouch of tobacco.

Day 10

Thank god back to normal today had a really good day, and just had the odd pang after meals.

Day 11

The day has started well touch wood, back at work so i try a keep busy which makes the time pass quickly

I missed chatting with people on this forum at the weekend as i dont have a computer at home at the momemt, i dont know if that was why i had a bad day saturday. i find it definately help me talking with other non smokers to find out how they are coping, and i get a lot of support from other people which is great


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Well done for hanging in there over the weekend. It's too far down to be letting go now - Well done! :D


Watcha Shellfish x x

Ooh yeah think I'll colour my font too! :D hehe

Phew glad you pulled through :D

And now it's a new week :) You've done really well x x

Keep strong and keep busy x x




i always use red font because i am an Arsenal fan.

today has been really good so far no cravings and i cant believe 11 DAYS yo:)


Ahhhh lol my partner and 3 kids are gunners, other 2 are chelsea

I just got an rss feed about fixture changes so check the arsenal website for details :D

hehe i am obviously arsenal in support of my good man :D but i am not football fan as such, i am one of those that come out every 4 years, suddenly know it all for the world cup rofl

~Buffy x x


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